Florida Sunroom Cost and Ways to Save Money

Florida Sunroom Cost and Ways to Save Money

Living on the Florida coast near New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater and Port Orange, homeowners love their Sunrooms! But it’s more than keeping up with the Jones, it’s a way of life. If you’re thinking about building a sunroom, you’ve probably read many websites discussing the cost of building a Florida sunroom. Of course, that means you’re now concerned about the Florida sunroom cost. Therefore, it’s only natural to focus on ways to save money. Here are a few different approaches to saving on a Florida room addition.

Some people will get caught up on the project’s initial price tag. Others are more forward-thinking in their mindset. They recognize that spending a bit more on features that can reduce your maintenance costs, create a more energy-efficient space, or extend the longevity of your new sunroom can save you money in the long run.

Factors That Affect the Florida Sunroom Cost

When you decide to build a custom sunroom, several factors can impact the cost of your addition:

  • The size of the sunroom. A larger sunroom will cost more than a smaller sunroom.
  • The way the room connects to the rest of the home. Using an existing entrance is generally more affordable, but creating an entrance is an option. You’ll also need to consider the sunroom’s impact on exterior features like electric meters and other utilities.
  • Whether a pre-existing patio or porch is utilized. If an existing patio or lanai covering can provide the foundation and/or the roof, it will reduce the cost of a new sunroom.
  • The materials used in the sunroom’s construction. Top-quality materials are more expensive but often provide greater durability, longer lifespans, and reduced maintenance requirements. Be careful of sunroom contractors who want to use lesser-quality building materials that may not pass inspection. The State of Florida has strict building guidelines for all home additions.
  • The sunroom’s electrical requirements. Adding electrical outlets is an additional cost, whether your new sunroom is under an existing roofline or a brand-new build. The exterior of homes does not typically have electrical outlets.
  • The sunroom’s heating and cooling requirements. Part of the cost of a Florida sunroom is climatizing the new room. When adding a new room to your home, you will have to determine if your current climate control system can handle it. If not, climate control is another additional cost that makes the space more livable.
  • The custom amenities. Any extras you request will add to the bill and increase your sunroom cost. These can include skylights, ceiling fans, custom windows, and so much more. You can go as big or as small as your budget allows. Side note about ceiling fans in a patio enclosure: Inform the patio contractor to add a fan beam for support and to conceal wiring effectively.
  • The building code requirements for the area. Building codes, permitting processes and their respective fees vary by locality.
  • Your sunroom contractor. Opting for a budget contractor might seem like a way to save money. However, working with an experienced sunroom contractor has real advantages. Dulando has experience working in the Orlando area and Volusia County from New Smyrna to Ormond Beach and everywhere. They’re willing to put that knowledge to work on your behalf. They can guide you smoothly through the design phase, pointing out effective products and places where you can save without compromising on the quality of your sunroom. They also know how to put the pieces together and build a custom sunroom that will serve you well for years.

Building a Sunroom with Dulando Screen & Awning

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we bring more than 50 years of experience serving our fellow Floridians. We delight in working with our customers to design custom sunrooms that fit their lifestyles, homes, and budgets. To accomplish that, we use only high-quality materials and insist on meticulous craftsmanship. You can be sure that everything we produce is built with proper care and attention to detail.

A sunroom is a fantastic way to add value and space to your home. To explore the possibilities or learn more about the cost of adding a sunroom, contact Dulando Screen & Awning today for an in-home design consultation.

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