Florida Room vs Sunroom. What is the Difference?

Florida Room vs Sunroom. What is the Difference?

You’re ready to make your home and outdoor living space a little brighter. If you’ve been researching Florida Rooms, you’ve probably seen the term Sunroom. What’s the difference between a Florida Room vs. Sunroom? This article will define their separate terms and any differences. We define the commonalities and understand the benefits that these structures offer.

Exploring Florida Room Vs Sunroom

The good news is that a Florida room and sunroom are synonyms. Both terms describe the same structure, so they have no meaningful differences.

Defining a Florida Room or a Sunroom in Florida

What makes a Florida room or sunroom a fantastic choice for your home in the Sunshine State? Whichever name you choose, these are four-season rooms. Their defining characteristic is a bounty of windows that lets the sunshine in. The term “four seasons” is more of a term for northerners. Or maybe not. Since the Florida summers are scorching, we can use our Florida room in the summer too! The expansive windows allow us to sit comfortably while enjoying a fantastic view that blurs the line between indoors and out.

A sunroom roof is solid. Many sunrooms have insulated roofs. This choice delivers greater comfort and energy efficiency. Does the addition in your fantasy have a glass roof? If so, you’re picturing a solarium. However, these structures aren’t common in Florida. With the strong sun here, a glass roof makes things unpleasantly warm.

Creating a Florida Room or Sunroom

If you’re interested in building a Florida room or sunroom, there are a few different ways to approach the project. Do you have an existing patio or porch? Enclosing this structure is an option. However, if you don’t currently have a patio, or if it’s not quite the right size or shape, modifying it as part of the project is a possibility.

Discovering the Benefits of Florida Rooms and Sunrooms

In the battle of Florida Room vs Sunroom, the winner is obvious: you. Call it a Florida room or a sunroom. By either name, adding one of these custom structures to your home brings significant benefits:

  • Florida rooms are an affordable way to gain more living space. Sunrooms are less expensive than a traditional room addition; however, they deliver just as much usable square footage.
  • Want to add flexible space to your home? They can be used for almost any purpose. Relax, exercise, entertain, eat, let the children play, or simply enjoy feeling like you’re outside with fewer hassles.
  • Florida rooms deliver the opportunity to delight in the outdoors in comfort. They provide a clear view of your gorgeous surroundings while shielding you from the heat, the sun, the wind, the rain and irritating insects.
  • Sunrooms give your property values a bump because they appeal to prospective buyers.

Dulando Screen & Awning is your resource for sunrooms and Florida rooms. Serving Florida since 1968, our experts understand what it takes to deliver a top-notch product that stands the test of time. When building a sunroom or Florida room, there are abundant options. How do you get the best result? Work with an experienced Florida room contractor to secure a custom sunroom. Contact us today to learn more about Florida rooms or discuss a custom sunroom design.

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