Factors That Determine Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

Factors That Determine Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

It seems that everyone wants a pool screen enclosure or a pool cage.  But sometimes the price gets in the way.  We’ve compiled the top factors which determine a pool screen enclosure cost.  That way you can have more control over the cost of your pool cage.

Swimming pool screen enclosures serve many purposes. They provide a barrier that prevents leaves, debris, insects and other unwanted intruders from entering your pool area. They also act as a deterrent to keep children and animals from entering the space. Screened pool enclosures reduce the intensity of sunlight, making the area cooler. They also afford a higher degree of privacy. Many homeowners find that the greatest advantage of a swimming pool enclosure is the reduction in maintenance due to significantly less debris blowing into the pool. Yet, sometimes, they shy away from building a pool cage due to the pool screen enclosure cost.  That’s why we’ve put this list together.

How Much Does a Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

Nationwide, the average cost of a pool screen enclosure falls between approximately $7,900 and $12,000. In contrast, the average pool cage cost in the east-central coastal area of Florida ranges between $7,000 and $10,000.

The cost of a pool screen enclosure varies according to the size, quality of materials used and extra amenities incorporated into the design, such as custom doors, lighting, and type of roofing. Prices reflect the complexity of construction, which ranges from the simple pole and net construction to two-story, custom-designed units that are compatible with the architectural and landscaping aesthetics of the property. A pool screen enclosure evaluation should also reflect the credentials and certifications of the contractor.

How the Size of a Pool Screen Enclosure Affects the Cost

The size of the pool area to be enclosed is a significant factor in developing pool screen enclosure cost estimates. The bigger the pool area to be enclosed, the higher the price of the screened pool enclosure. Don’t forget the pool enclosure also encompasses the pool deck and sometimes your patio area.  The size of the pool screen enclosure also includes the height and type of roof selected. Dulando Screen and Awning offers domed, mansard, A-frame and hip roofs. Custom roofing is also available. Because the roof area varies according to the design, cost of a pool cage will vary as well.

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Although most enclosures are single-story, two-story enclosures are also available. Two-story screen pool enclosures cost more because they are of a more sophisticated architectural design and require more materials. Roofs on two-story enclosures can be custom-made to complement the architecture of your home.

Quality of Materials

Not all screened pool enclosure materials are equal. Dulando Screen and Awning uses only high-quality materials. We only use Phifer screens, which provide more strength than most window screens.  Phifer screens last at least ten to fifteen years, depending on how much sun exposure, trees and such.  99% of the Phifer screens we use are either charcoal or black. Phifer screens also have many types of screens depending on what you need.  A few types of Phifer screens are pet screen, solar screen or privacy screen.

We also use high-quality Structall products for the superstructure. Structall is a leader in the aluminum and steel manufacturing industry, providing a broad range of building supplies for commercial and residential applications. Structall offers extensive warranties on all materials. We honor the warranties of both manufacturers.

Consider the Credentials of the Contractor

Selecting an experienced pool enclosure contractor is a significant step in ensuring that you get a high-quality, durable swimming pool enclosure. Dulando Screen and Awning has been in the business since 1968.  We are a second-generation company and have had the privilege of serving homeowners and businesses in the central Florida area for many decades. We have built pool screen enclosures that were quite basic all the way to “over the top.”  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our large fabrication workshop allows us to build larger components of a pool enclosure under controlled conditions. We then assemble components on your property. The ability to work in our own workshop significantly reduces the pool screen enclosure cost for homeowners. We strive to provide a well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing pool screen enclosure that will withstand the extremes of Florida weather. After all, that’s the bottom line.  Your new pool enclosure has to stand up to the Florida weather with minimal maintenance.

We are familiar with the building codes and permitting requirements of the areas we work in. We build according to local regulations and take care of all required permits. We are licensed, insured and bonded.

Understanding the Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

We hope this helped you in determining the factors that go into the price of a pool screen enclosure.  As you can tell, there are many factors, which means there are many places to save money or splurge on certain areas.

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Dulando proudly serves the Orlando, New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach areas.  All the way up to Ormond Beach.  If you’re looking for a pool screen enclosure company, we provide free, in-home consultations and free estimates. Call 407-862-6060 to talk to one of our design consultants about your ideas for a screened pool enclosure.

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