Factors in Screen Enclosure Cost and How To Maximize Your Budget

Factors in Screen Enclosure Cost and How To Maximize Your Budget

When you’re tackling a project like building a patio enclosure, you want to get the best value for your money, and identifying the factors that impact the project’s price tag is a big part of that. After all, once you understand what these factors are and how they influence the total screen enclosure cost, you can make an informed decision.  A patio enclosure price is based on several factors.

The Starting Point
Building a screened patio isn’t like running a race; not everyone starts equally. If you’re starting with a blank slate, you’ll have to put in a patio before it can be enclosed, and that will add to the total screen enclosure cost of the project. Enclosing an existing patio will be less expensive.

Size and Scope
Bigger isn’t always better, but it does tend to be more pricey. Wrapping your patio in a larger, more complicated outdoor screen enclosure will require more raw materials and more man-hours, and both of those things come at a cost. If your budget is tight, building something a little smaller with less ornamentation can shave a bit off your patio screen enclosure cost.

Roof or Awning?
If your new patio is not already under the roofline of your home, you’ll need to consider how it will be topped off. A screen room is more than four screened walls. The type of roof you choose affects its price. A traditional roof to match your current home’s roof is a popular option. Alternately, some people choose to use an awning. The roof is likely to outlast the awning, but it does cost more initially. Check out a few insulated roofing designs.

Screening Materials
Today’s screens for patio enclosures are much more than simple webs of wire. New technologies have expanded the possibilities and led to the development of screens that deliver an array of useful features. Do you need a pet screen that is tough enough to withstand encounters with pets or small children? Would you like a privacy screen that keeps nosy neighbors at bay? Are you interested in a solar screen that can protect you from the damaging rays of the hot Florida sun? These options exist and can certainly add value to your enclosure. Dulando is proud to exclusive use Phifer Screen products.

Special Features
After you’ve determined your budget for the screen enclosure, don’t forget about the special features of your new patio. Adding special features like ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, or skylights to a basic screen enclosure increases the patio enclosure cost. Understanding the fees involved in incorporating one or more of these extras can help you determine whether they’ll fit your budget.

If you are interested in adding a ceiling fan to your patio enclosure, please notify your patio contractor. It should not be an afterthought. You’ll need a fan beam . This beam remains hidden within the insulated roof of the patio enclosure and is essential for supporting the ceiling fan and concealing the wiring.

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Your Screen Contractor
When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, an experienced screen room contractor is your best ally. Contractors who regularly design and install screen enclosures are familiar with the process and the products. They know where you can cut costs. More importantly, they know when you shouldn’t. A reputable contractor will know what actions will cut expenses today but cost you a fortune in the future, so they can help you avoid that kind of expensive mistake.

For the best price in aluminum screen enclosures, turn to Dulando Screen and Awning. We’ve been serving the residents of Florida for 50 years, and we’ve built our reputation on providing quality products and extraordinary customer service. It will be our pleasure to walk you through the process of designing and building your patio enclosure. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to schedule a free in-home design consultation.


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