Disadvantages of a DIY or Prefab Sunroom Kit in Florida

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Disadvantages of a DIY or Prefab Sunroom Kit in Florida

You’ve made the decision to build a sunroom. The next step is to call a few sunroom contractors. Then, you spot a prefab sunroom kit either online or at the home improvement store. Now, you’re contemplating whether a do-it-yourself approach would work. It might. Or it might not.

We can tell you after 50 years in business that we do receive distress calls from homeowners who decided to buy a DIY sunroom kit and didn’t quite make it. Here is our experience with some homeowners who bought a prefab sunroom kit instead of originally calling a sunroom contractor.

Why a Prefab Sunroom Kit is a Bad Idea

Do Prefab Sunroom Kits Save You Money?

On the surface, price should be where a prefabricated sunroom wins out. After all, the initial price tag tends to be lower. However, there are a few other factors to consider. What about your time, labor, and the cost of any other tools you might need to do the job? Are you prepared to handle permitting? What if the prefab sunroom kit diminishes your home value? Was it really worth the discounted price tag?

Are DIY Sunrooms Easy to Install?

There’s a certain satisfaction to completing a DIY project, but you must be sure that the project is a match for your skills and resources. Sunrooms seem like simple structures. The skill is to build a sunroom that meshes seamlessly with your home and delivers the features that you want. However, the prefab sunroom kits are not of the highest quality. These cheaper materials can become damaged during the installation process. Having a professional sunroom contractor design and install a custom sunroom is certainly easier on your time and your stress level.

How Durable are Prefab Sunrooms?

Florida is as famous for its ferocious storms as it is for its sunny skies. The building codes and regulations here reflect that. A reputable contractor will ensure that your new custom sunroom is up to the latest Florida building codes. These building codes are what protect you, your home, and its value. You won’t get that same guarantee from a kit. In fact, the materials used in these kits tend to be far less sturdy than those used in a custom build.

Limited Choices with DIY Sunroom Kits

With a modular sunroom kit, you’re limited to what’s in the box. You might have a few basic options for sizes and colors, but that’s about it. Custom sunrooms offer so many more choices. An experienced contractor can create a unique design and guide you through roof options and window options. They can help you think about how it connects to your home and how to incorporate the features that will make the space truly something special and useful.

Prefab Sunroom Kits Can Be More Costly

At Dulando Screen & Awning Inc., we’d strongly encourage you to stick with your original plan. We’ve been designing and installing custom screen enclosures and other quality products in Florida for more than 50 years. During that time, we’ve had more than one client call us to rescue them from a prefab kit sunroom disappointment.

Why waste your time with the pretty promises from a prefab sunroom kit? A custom sunroom delivers real value that’s a perfect match for your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation with one of Dulando Screen & Awning’s expert design consultants.

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