Difference Between Building a Backyard Deck or Patio

Difference Between Building a Backyard Deck or Patio

Many people use the terms backyard deck and patio interchangeably, and it’s an understandable mistake. After all, decks and patios are both structures that can do a fantastic job of enhancing your outdoor living space. However, there are some notable differences. Before deciding whether you should build a backyard deck or an outdoor patio, it’s wise to take a closer look at their similarities and their differences so that you can pick the best option for your backyard.

The similarities between a deck and a patio

Both decks and patios offer a flat, stable surface and provide a pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors. Either structure can be topped by a pergola, roof or cover to shield it from the Florida sun and provide shade. Are you interested in an outdoor kitchen, craving a fire pit, intrigued by the notion of creating an outdoor room or intent on surrounding your pool with usable space? Both decks and patios can be used for these purposes.

The differences between a deck and a patio

While decks and patios can be used for many of the same purposes, they are very different structures in terms of their construction.

A backyard deck:

  • is a flat, raised platform constructed of wood or some composite material
  • can have multiple levels and can be attached to either the first floor of a house or to an upper story
  • can also be freestanding or located near another feature like an outbuilding or pool. Because they sit above the ground, they will generally have railings around them for safety and steps that allow people to descend to the yard.

In contrast, an outdoor patio is

  • a flat, open space built directly on the ground from concrete, brick pavers, natural stone or gravel.
  • can be attached to a house or freestanding, but since it’s at ground level, railings and steps are unnecessary.

Key questions to ask when deciding between a deck or patio?

Would a deck be a delightful option for your backyard or would you be better off planning the perfect patio?

  • Is budget is a concern? Then installing a patio is generally more affordable.
  • What if your backyard is uneven or sloping? A deck is built above the ground, and its legs can easily be adjusted to accommodate changes in the terrain beneath it.
  • Do you want the space to feel like part of the surrounding yard? Since it sits directly on the ground, a patio can be nestled in your landscaping.
  • Do you want to discourage guests from wandering over your grass? Thanks to its height, a deck creates more separation between the yard and the structure.
  • Would you rather minimize your maintenance chores? Keeping a patio looking fabulous generally requires much less in the way of routine maintenance than a deck.

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