5 Tips for Creating a Patio Design for a Small Backyard

5 Tips for Creating a Patio Design for a Small Backyard

When space in your backyard is limited, you need to use it wisely, and a well-designed small backyard patio can be an excellent choice. Since not all configurations will work for patio designs in a small backyard, there only leaves one question to consider. How can you achieve the most impact for a patio design with a small backyard?

Here is our list of the top 5 Elements to consider when creating a patio design for a small backyard:

  1. A Defining Feature
    A backyard patio defines a space that becomes an outdoor room that is ripe with possibilities. When selecting a location for your patio, choose an appealing spot where you’ll enjoy spending time and think about how you want to use as well as traffic flow into your home. This will help you visualize details of your patio design.
  2. Appearance Matters
    With so many patio pavers and concrete options to choose from, there’s no excuse for a boring patio. For a truly unique look, consider adding a pattern onto your patio’s surface. Do you want to make your space look a little larger? Incorporating curves makes a patio seem bigger and allows it to flow beautifully into your landscaping. A border is another option that can have a major impact on your patio’s appearance. Whether it is the same color as the primary area or a contrasting color, a border creates crisp, clean line that frames your patio.
  3. Multitasking Functionality
    How do you intend to use your patio? When space is an issue, you’ll need to plan carefully and look for places where you can include features that will do double duty. For example, if you intend to enjoy cooking and entertaining on your new patio, you might want to set up a small outdoor kitchen that revolves around an outdoor bar that can serve as a space for prep, cooking, serving food and even dining. Are you a dedicated gardener who believes planters are a must for the ideal patio? Consider using patio pavers to frame the planters and provide additional seating for those enjoying the patio. You might the additional seating when the word gets out you have an amazing backyard patio.
  4. Going Up
    Smaller yards often limit your ability to spread out, so get creative with your use of space by thinking vertically. Embracing vertical design options allows you to do more with the look and function of your patio. You can use the exterior wall of your home to attach a pergola to generate usable vertical space. Pergolas are also a fantastic way to gain the perfect amount of shade if you’re worried about getting too much sun while using your patio. Pergolas become a focal point of any patio design while creating an open atmosphere for guests to enjoy.  See FAQs When Building a Pergola in Your Backyard
  5. A Professional Touch
    With any backyard patio project, it’s easy to understand why the size and scope of the work demand professional oversight. However, a professional touch is just as important when you are designing a patio for a small backyard. You need to make every inch count, and an experienced professional can point out features and products that will help you achieve the look that you want and the functionality that you need.


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