Concrete – Brick Pavers – Flagstone – Patio Surfaces

Concrete – Brick Pavers – Flagstone – Patio Surfaces

Choosing which patio surfaces to use for your patio comes down to a few things, such as personal preference, price and maintenance. In addition, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material. You may like the look of a flagstone patio but think a concrete patio would work best for your yard. Whereas concrete is an affordable and quick option, brick and stone pavers last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. Each patio surfaces offer different characteristics and can help create an outdoor entertainment space for your home.

Pros and Cons of using Concrete

Concrete is one of the more affordable surface used for creating patios and pool deck surfaces. It can be poured to fit any size or shape of your pool deck or patio and it dries quickly to give you a hard surface for your new space. However, a solid concrete slab doesn’t offer much visual appeal, and it shows surface cracks over time. Dyed and stamped concrete has a more attractive appeal, but the color tends to fade in trafficked areas.

Pool funPros of a concrete patio

  • Inexpensive
  • Fits any shape or size
  • Stamped options

Cons of a concrete patio

  • Shows surface cracks
  • Color fades
  • Requires regular maintenance

Pros and Cons of Using Brick Pavers

The most popular option in patio surfaces is pavers.  Brick pavers come in many different colors, surface finishes and shapes for creating most any patio design. The natural joints between each paver allows for greater expansion, contraction and pressure, providing maximum durability for years. Furthermore, pavers resist normal wear and tear and withstand extreme weather conditions. If a paver cracks or is damaged, you can replace the individual paver without scarring or creating an unsightly patch in the area. The best way to make sure that your pavers will match the ones you are replacing are to buy a few extra and keep in storage for future use.

Pool Screen EnclosurePros

  • Comes in a variety of colors and shapes
  • Withstands heavy pressure and resists wear and tear
  • Nonslip surface
  • No or minimal maintenance required


  • Costs more than a concrete slab
  • Requires professional installation

Pros and Cons of Using Stone and Flagstone

A stone patio enhances your backyard space with its natural coloring and design. Natural stone not only transforms an open space into a patio or a pool deck but also adds beauty to a walkway or steps. If you currently have a concrete patio, you can easily overlay the concrete with natural stone pavers for an instant upgrade. The stone comes in many different colors to complement your design aesthetic, and you only have to replace a single stone paver if it ever chips or cracks.


  • Increases your home’s resale value
  • Varied color palettes
  • More visually appealing than concrete
  • Easy replacement if a stone cracks


  • High cost
  • May chip or crack

We hope this list has been helpful to you in determining what kind of patio surfaces to use on your upcoming project.

The best way to make a decision about the materials you use for your patio is to sit down with one of our consultants to ask more questions about the nuances of your project. DuLANDO has been in business for over 50 years. Put our experience and creativity to work for you.


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