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If you are building/renovating or ready to expand and improve your commercial property and/or business space, we have the expertise to custom design, manufacture and install all types of commercial screen enclosures and commercial awnings. Our top quality, custom designed commercial property solutions will make your business inviting from the inside and out.

Dulando Screen and Awning is a local-owned, family business specializing in the following:

Corporate offices, commercial apartment properties, hotels/resorts, community centers, restaurants and churches can utilize our commercial screen enclosures for atriums, reception areas, outdoor seating, entryways, covered walkways, retail space, multi-housing space, driveways and more. Whether your need is for a new space or part of a plan to renovate or expand an existing space, we are ready to custom-design a solution to best fit your needs and budget.

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Commercial Screen Enclosures

Make the most of your commercial facility by bringing the beauty and natural light of the outdoors in with our commercial screen enclosures. We custom design and manufacture every commercial screen enclosure to meet your unique specifications and vision for the look and space needs of your property. Our goal is to create a visually appealing space filled with extra square footage, enhanced natural light and protection from the elements. All of the screen enclosures we manufacture for our commercial customers are built in accordance with local building codes to ensure the safety of your customers, members, guests and employees.

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Commercial Patio Covers

Dulando Screen and Awning’s commercial patio covers are the best in the industry. They are built with modern technology and superior materials giving our commercial patio covers an aesthetically pleasing look that will stand up to Florida’s unpredictable weather. You can count on these commercial patio covers to be virtually maintenance-free for many years. Commercial aluminum patio covers are less expensive then wood patio covers, but they can match the aesthetic of the property from which they will be built. They can also be built to resemble a wood look.

Commercial Carports

Enhance your commercial property and protect your customers and staff vehicles from weather and damage with a beautifully built, weather resistant custom carport. Covered parking structures and commercial carports help protect auto paint, upholstery, dashboards, roofs, and interior colors from the brutal Central Florida sun, heavy rainstorms and even occasional hail. Your clients and customers will appreciate the protection and safety these structures provide:

  • Apartment Carports
  • Covered Parking Structures
  • Commercial Carports
  • Long Term Covered Parking
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Commercial Awnings

A best bet for Florida weather, our custom designed commercial awnings are low maintenance, have metal fasteners, life-time finish on aluminum, and are custom designed to any specification.

  • Window And Door Awning
  • Commercial Awnings
  • Commercial Aluminum Awnings
Aluminum Awning

Why You Can Count On Dulando Screen & Awning
All of our products are specifically engineered in accordance with required local building codes. Being a custom manufacturer means no limitation to just “stock” sizes. Thanks to our superior workmanship, friendly service and happy customers, Dulando Screen & Awning is the only screen and aluminum awning company that’s been in business in the Central Florida community continuously since 1968. You can count on our more than 44 years of expertise and time-tested craftsmanship. Put your commercial and business property project in our capable hands – you can count on Dulando to deliver only the best results!

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