Commercial Patio Covers – Patio Enclosures – Aluminum Carports

Commercial Patio Covers – Patio Enclosures – Aluminum Carports

Adding outdoor screen enclosures to your commercial property can expand your usable commercial space and add extra functionality to your facility. Commercial screen enclosures, which can include enclosed porches, outdoor seating areas and covered carports, add an extra element of style and functionality to any space. Well-designed commercial patio covers are a smart investment for any number of businesses, including restaurants, professional offices, atriums, hotels and community centers.

Why Add Commercial Patio Covers?

Commercial Patio Covers Add Functional Space

Many businesses, especially restaurants and boutiques, live and die by their functional square footage. Adding a patio cover to your building adds valuable operating space to your business. Outdoor seating areas give restaurant customers a chance to enjoy the pleasant Florida weather while they dine. An outdoor shopping area allows a boutique to show off their products in natural light. Enclosing these outdoor spaces in a covered patio allows customers to enjoy fresh air while protected from pests and the elements.

Commercial Aluminum Awnings Offer Protection with Minimal Obstruction

If you want to add a splash of style to your building while providing protection from the elements, commercial aluminum awnings might be a good idea. Aluminum awnings are less obtrusive and more affordable than enclosed patios while offering many of the same benefits, including shade from the sun and protection from rain and wind. Aluminum is durable and flexible, and require minimal maintenance to last for years or even decades. Aluminum awnings can be custom-designed to match the shape and dimensions of your building.

Aluminum Carports Add Protected Parking Options

aluminum carportAdding a covered parking option can make your business more appealing to potential customers. Commercial carports give businesses, apartments, hotels and other commercial properties a way to offer their customers and tenants shelter from the elements. Aluminum carports are much less expensive than a parking garage. As with awnings, aluminum is an ideal material for a commercial carport. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and can withstand the extremes of Florida weather.

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Covered Balconies Add Value to Hotels and Apartments

Many hotel rooms and apartments already feature balconies and decks. These outdoor spaces offer limited value when they’re exposed to pests and the unpredictable Florida weather. Adding a patio screened enclosure to your balconies and similar spaces provides your guests and tenants with protection, increasing the value of the space and making your property more desirable.

Benefits of  Commercial Screen Enclosures

  • Expand usable space.
  • Add extra functionality
  • Improve value to the property
  • Give customers the choice to enjoy the outdoors
  • More affordable than you think
  • Minimal maintenance once built
  • Custom designed to match the existing architecture
  •  Create more appeal for guests

Commercial patio covers, screen enclosures and other outdoor features make your building more appealing. Oftentimes, commercial aluminum patio covers also help attract more business. Whether your commercial space needs an enclosed patio, aluminum carport, awning or any other outdoor enclosure, contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 before you get started.

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