Choosing the Right Patio Cover For Your Home

Choosing the Right Patio Cover For Your Home

When you close your eyes, you can picture it. You’ve got it made in the shade. Relaxing in your backyard, hopefully on your covered patio with an icy drink in your hand. A warm breeze dances across your skin and the beauty of the outdoors is all around you. All you need to make your vision a reality is the… patio cover.

Which kind of patio cover is best for your home?

For homeowners who want a roof for their patio, there are several varieties of a Snap-N-Lock patio cover to choose from. We’ve outlined a few worth considering and outlined their pros and cons.

Aluminum Awnings

Pros: When it comes to patio and porch covers, aluminum awnings are a popular choice. They’re affordable, attractive, last for years and can be customized to fit practically any space. Unlike wooden structures, they aren’t vulnerable to termites or fires.

Cons: While they do provide an impressive amount of shade, traditional aluminum awnings are not insulated so they are not the most energy-efficient.  Aluminum awnings aren’t able to keep the spaces they shelter quite as cool as some other options.

See our Gallery of Aluminum Awnings

Perma-Wood Pergolas

Pros: The graceful lines and classic style of pergolas lend them a timeless appeal that looks amazing when nestled alongside your home or standing independently in your yard.  Choosing an aluminum pergola that is made from Structall’s revolutionary Perma-Wood allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood without the traditional drawbacks. Meticulously crafted, aluminum pergolas offer the look and feel of wood with embossed surfaces that mimic the grain of natural wood. In this case, appearances are delightfully deceiving because the material is aluminum. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about fire, destructive insects or warping, cracking or rot.

Homeowners can choose from several colors and multiple end cuts for beams and rafters, and there are even options for lighting and guttering. Best of all, minimal maintenance is required to keep these durable patio covers looking fantastic.

Cons: Pergolas traditionally have ceilings that resemble latticework. The openness allows sunlight and rain to penetrate the roof. As a result, the area under cover is more vulnerable to the elements than it would be if the roof were solid.  Pergolas are a great addition to a backyard, but they don’t replace a patio cover.

Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels

A Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels can be used to create aluminum awnings, porch covers and front aluminum patio covers.

Pros: Why does it matter if a patio roof is insulated? An insulated roof does a better job of shielding the space below from the intense rays of the Florida sun. Thus, keeping the area cooler and more comfortable. It also helps muffle sound, so a sudden burst of rain or hail is less likely to disturb anyone sheltering beneath it.

Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels have a foam core wrapped in a metal skin. They connect via a patented joint system for a strong durable construction that takes little effort to maintain. The insulated panels come prefinished, but they can be topped with shingles or vinyl siding if a different look is desired. Lastly, they easily accommodate special features like lighting, ceiling fans or skylights.

Cons: A high-quality material, Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels come with an initial price tag that’s a bit higher than some other options.

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