The Benefits of Choosing an Aluminum Patio Roof

The Benefits of Choosing an Aluminum Patio Roof

People travel from all over the world to have fun in the Florida sun, but those of us lucky enough to live here in the Sunshine State know that there are times when it’s too much of a good thing. Those unrelenting rays can send the temperature soaring, cause painful sunburns, fade surfaces of things like patio furniture and drive people inside to huddle in the air conditioning. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of outdoor living, an aluminum patio roof offers an awesome solution.

Available for patios of all sizes, these clever designs can be installed over a new or an existing patio that is not under your home’s roofline. They provide welcome protection from the elements, making it possible, and more enjoyable, to use your patio year-round and at all times of the day. That means that you can spend less time gazing longingly through a window at your gorgeous backyard and more time outside experiencing it.

Benefits of an Aluminum Roof for Your Patio

  • A covered patio offers shelter from the sun and rain. Thereby allowing you the pleasure of using the space even if the weather is less than perfect.
  • An aluminum patio cover gives you more flexibility when selecting a location for a patio. You do not have to choose a spot under the roofline of your home to create a sheltered space.
  • Aluminum offers an affordable alternative. It is less expensive than shingles and other common roofing materials.
  • An insulated patio cover helps keep the sun’s heat from penetrating through the cover. This keeps your patio cooler and more comfortable.
  • White aluminum patio covers present a crisp, clean look that fits any style. As a bonus, the light, bright color reflects heat. Ensuring that the sheltered space beneath it stays noticeably cooler than areas exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Our patio roofs are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Why Choose Dulando Screen and Awning?
At Dulando, we know that a fantastic outdoor space requires more than just vision. That’s why we incorporate a half-century of experience, excellent customer service, expert design services, in-house fabrication services and top-quality materials into every project we build. Our highly trained personnel are fully prepared to help you make the patio cover you’ve been envisioning a reality.

We utilize Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels to construct an aluminum patio roof that stands the test of time. These innovative panels feature an energy-efficient polystyrene foam core that is encased in a durable aluminum skin. Aluminum patio covers are available in various sizes and thicknesses. They can be used to create patio roofs of virtually any design. Their patented locking system provides strong joints, continuous insulation, and a waterproof seal. Thereby eliminating troublesome issues like condensation and ultraviolet destruction. The result is a strong roof that still easily accommodates the installation of special features like lighting and fans.

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Dulando Screen and Awning has been providing top-notch aluminum patio roof products for affordable prices since 1968. Our service areas include the Orlando area as well as the New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County and Brevard County. Quality and service aren’t just words to us; they’re guiding principles. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to request your free in-home estimate.

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