Motorized Retractable Screen vs. Fixed Patio Screen Enclosure

Motorized Retractable Screen vs. Fixed Patio Screen Enclosure

A patio enclosure adds the perfect touch to any outdoor living space. Installing screens offers serious benefits, including protection from biting bugs, dirt and debris, and they can even provide extra privacy. Most homeowners know fixed screens, but what about motorized retractable screens? Would you like an alternative that offers greater freedom? A motorized retractable screen installation could be the perfect fit.

Compare Motorized Retractable Screens to Fixed Screens

Fixed patio screens are permanently installed. These screens aren’t designed to open or close. While some systems may allow homeowners to take the individual screens in and out, this task isn’t easily accomplished. It can take hours, leaving you with unwieldy screens to store.

Motorized retractable patio screens are also permanently installed. However, these screens are designed to move smoothly along tracks. The motor raises and lowers the screen so that you can enjoy the protection of a screened enclosure or the freedom of an open-air space. All it takes is the press of a button.

Cost and Value
With fewer moving parts, it’s no surprise that fixed screens are less expensive than motorized retractable screens. Craftsmanship and materials are key factors with either option when you want to secure amazing quality. With self-adjusting MagnaTrack systems for smooth operation, obstacle detection for safety, and powder-coated finishes for mean they’ll need minimal maintenance, these clever retractable screens have the options that you want. An experienced screen enclosure designer can work with you to create a custom design for your outdoor living space.

Protection and Flexibility
Both screen enclosures can deliver amazing protection from insects and other outdoor nuisances. However, there’s no doubt that a retractable screen enclosure delivers greater flexibility. When you can raise and lower your screen in moments with the push of a button, you have more ways to enjoy your patio. It’s simple to expand your patio and outdoor spaces.

When you want gorgeous patio screens from inside or out, an experienced screen contractor can make it happen with either a fixed or a  motorized retractable screen. If you crave uninterrupted views of your beautiful backyard with minimal framing, you’ll certainly want to look closely at retractable screens. Available in various colors and sizes, they have a user-friendly interface that works with most home automation systems. These products can easily cover wide spaces, so even when your screens are down, you’ll still have a nearly uninterrupted view of what’s waiting outside.

Quality fixed screens are easy and affordable to repair since they have simple designs and few moving parts. However, retractable patio screens can be tucked away when bad weather is on the way, which can help prevent damage.

Ready to Try Motorized Patio Screens?

Dulando Screen & Awning is delighted to be Florida’s source for top-quality custom screen enclosures. We’re proud to offer our clients an amazing selection, including fixed and motorized retractable screens. Our expert team is ready to meet with you and help you create the screened enclosure of your dreams. Contact Dulando Screen & Awning today to get started.

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