Florida Room vs Sunroom. What is the Difference?

Florida Room vs Sunroom. What is the Difference?

You’re ready to make your home and outdoor living space a little brighter. If you’ve been researching Florida Rooms, you’ve probably seen the term Sunroom. What’s the difference between a Florida Room vs. Sunroom? This article will define their separate terms and any differences. We define the commonalities and understand the benefits that these structures offer.

Exploring Florida Room Vs Sunroom

The good news is that a Florida room and sunroom are synonyms. Both terms describe the same structure, so they have no meaningful differences.

Defining a Florida Room or a Sunroom in Florida

What makes a Florida room or sunroom a fantastic choice for your home in the Sunshine State? Whichever name you choose, these are four-season rooms. Their defining characteristic is a bounty of windows that lets the sunshine in. The term “four seasons” is more of a term for northerners. Or maybe not. Since the Florida summers are scorching, we can use our Florida room in the summer too! The expansive windows allow us to sit comfortably while enjoying a fantastic view that blurs the line between indoors and out.

A sunroom roof is solid. Many sunrooms have insulated roofs. This choice delivers greater comfort and energy efficiency. Does the addition in your fantasy have a glass roof? If so, you’re picturing a solarium. However, these structures aren’t common in Florida. With the strong sun here, a glass roof makes things unpleasantly warm.

Creating a Florida Room or Sunroom

If you’re interested in building a Florida room or sunroom, there are a few different ways to approach the project. Do you have an existing patio or porch? Enclosing this structure is an option. However, if you don’t currently have a patio, or if it’s not quite the right size or shape, modifying it as part of the project is a possibility.

Discovering the Benefits of Florida Rooms and Sunrooms

In the battle of Florida Room vs Sunroom, the winner is obvious: you. Call it a Florida room or a sunroom. By either name, adding one of these custom structures to your home brings significant benefits:

  • Florida rooms are an affordable way to gain more living space. Sunrooms are less expensive than a traditional room addition; however, they deliver just as much usable square footage.
  • Want to add flexible space to your home? They can be used for almost any purpose. Relax, exercise, entertain, eat, let the children play, or simply enjoy feeling like you’re outside with fewer hassles.
  • Florida rooms deliver the opportunity to delight in the outdoors in comfort. They provide a clear view of your gorgeous surroundings while shielding you from the heat, the sun, the wind, the rain and irritating insects.
  • Sunrooms give your property values a bump because they appeal to prospective buyers.

Dulando Screen & Awning is your resource for sunrooms and Florida rooms. Serving Florida since 1968, our experts understand what it takes to deliver a top-notch product that stands the test of time. When building a sunroom or Florida room, there are abundant options. How do you get the best result? Work with an experienced Florida room contractor to secure a custom sunroom. Contact us today to learn more about Florida rooms or discuss a custom sunroom design.

Choosing The Right Insulated Sunroom Roof Panels

Choosing The Right Insulated Sunroom Roof Panels

Your sunroom is your escape. Choosing the right sunroom roof panels can help ensure that it’s a comfortable getaway that delivers superior performance while requiring minimal upkeep. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect insulated roof panels for your sunroom. 

What You Need to Know About Sunroom Roofs

Sunroom roofs come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. However, some materials inevitably outperform others. For example, the ability to keep out more heat from the sun. In a bright, steamy place like Florida, that’s obviously something to think about. Aesthetics and costs are also natural concerns.

After weighing these factors, Dulando Screen & Awning recommends insulated aluminum roof panels for sunrooms. In fact, we like to use Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels.

How an Insulated Aluminum Roof Panel Works

Insulated roof panels are sometimes called structural insulated panels, or SIPs. These clever innovations bond a foam core between thin sheets of aluminum. Assembled under controlled conditions in a factory, they’re quality products that are made in specific sizes and designed to fit together smoothly and efficiently.

Why an Insulated Sunroom Roof Is a Smart Choice

A sunroom roof made from Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels is a smart choice that comes with several benefits:

  • Durability: These durable aluminum panels don’t flinch in the face of bad weather. They resist common Florida threats like high winds, condensation, and pests.
  • Affordability: These panels are strong, but they are also surprisingly lightweight. The inherent strength of the aluminum roof panels means your materials cost will be lower. Heavy equipment is not necessary for installation. They also snap together quickly when handled by trained pros. This keeps labor costs down. As a result, installation is more affordable.
  • Flexibility: Aluminum roof panels come in several sizes. They can also be used to fit almost any floor plan.
  • Aesthetics: Insulated panels look amazing and come in a range of colors and textures. You can also install shingles or other types of roofing over them if you choose. What about the look of your sunroom inside? When you’re craving lighting, ceiling fans, or skylights, these panels make installation a breeze. It’s important to notify your installer you want these features during the initial consultation. Many features must be built into the panels during manufacturing.
  • Safety: Hazards abound, but choosing Structall’s product for your Florida room roof panels can make that room a safer place. These panels have a high fire resistance. Their effective moisture barrier reduces the risk of leaks, which makes mold or mildew less likely. In addition, these panels are environmentally friendly. There’s no need to worry that they might release formaldehyde or other unpleasant gases like some plywood can.
  • Comfort: As the panels snap together, the patented Snap-N-Lock technology uses internal sealants to form a continuous waterproof barrier. The result is an insulated roof that maximizes your energy savings and your comfort.

Dulando Screen & Awning takes great pleasure in creating the right sunroom for you, your home, and your budget. We know that choosing the right sunroom roof panels is a key part of that process. We’re happy to walk you through every step of the journey. To explore the possibilities, reach out to Dulando Screen & Awning to set up a no-obligation in-house consultation.

Top 3 Sunroom Replacement Windows

Top 3 Sunroom Replacement Windows

Windows are a major feature of any sunroom. Investing in sunroom replacement windows is an excellent way to breathe new life and new style into your favorite space.

Several things can inspire the urge to replace sunroom windows. The desire for an upgrade in quality or style could be a driving factor. Damage from a storm or some other disaster could make new windows a necessity. Or, time might be to blame. Sunrooms that have served for a decade or two often need replacement windows. Whatever your reason for replacing the windows within your sunroom, one thing is certain. You’ll have options. Let’s explore the top three kinds of sunroom replacement windows to help you decide.

Types of Sunroom Windows

Acrylic Windows

A clear, rigid plastic, acrylic is a popular sunroom window replacement pick. It’s affordable and lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and store. Plus, it doesn’t shatter, so some feel it’s safer than glass if it breaks.

Acrylic’s downside is that it isn’t as durable as other sunroom windows. Acrylic and ultraviolet light play poorly, so these panels will yellow with time. The panels are also at greater risk of bowing and scratching than windows made from other materials.

Vinyl Windows

A sunroom vinyl window replacement is a clear vinyl panel. It’s an elegant solution because the result is a window that is flexible, lightweight, affordable, durable, and safe. These panels deform under pressure, but they return to their designed shape almost immediately when freed. If one is damaged, they don’t shatter, so there’s little worry of injury.

Glass Sunroom Windows

Glass is more expensive than acrylic. However, it offers greater durability, higher UV resistance, and higher insulation. That means it’s better for your energy bill if you want to use climate control in your sunroom.

There are some cons to replacing windows with sunroom glass. For starters, glass is heavy. Standard glass can also be dangerous when broken. Finally, glass is pricey. Of course, there are different tiers, so you can choose the right level of investment:

  • Single-pane windows provide an attractive starting point.
  • Tempered-glass windows are made from a special safety glass. Also called toughened glass, this material is four times harder to break. If it does break, the pieces are small with rounded edges.
  • Insulated tempered glass windows are double- or triple-paned windows made from tempered glass. The layer of air or gas between the panes delivers additional insulation and improves efficiency.

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we delight in making the most of the opportunity to help our customers create their best space. When you’re ready to upgrade your sunroom with sunroom replacement windows, we’re ready to help. Contact Dulando Screen & Awning to schedule a consultation.

Glass Patio Enclosures are Ideal in Florida. Here’s Why

Glass Patio Enclosures are Ideal in Florida. Here’s Why

Glass patio enclosures, also known as sunrooms, are a perfect fit for the Sunshine State. Our office receives many calls with questions about these Florida rooms, so we thought we’d share some of the high points here.

In this article:

  • We will determine exactly what these structures are.
  • Explore their many benefits.
  • Learn a few tips that will come in handy when you’re ready to build yours

The goal is to help you understand the appeal and enduring popularity of the sunroom glass-enclosed patio.

Why Build Glass Patio Enclosures

Defining Glass Patio Enclosures

You’ll hear it called a Florida sunroom, Florida room, sunroom, glass-enclosed patio, or glass porch enclosure. Whichever name it’s using, the concept is simple. A sunroom is a room under your home’s roofline or a new solid roof connected to your home.  It has a frame of wood or metal and a solid floor. The result is a room addition that is fully climatized. The most popular element of a sunroom is the large windows that traditionally make up most of the structure’s walls. Consequently, the name – Glass Patio Enclosure.

Celebrating the Benefits of Sunrooms

There are so many fantastic reasons to add a sunroom to your Florida home:

  • Sunrooms let you enjoy the natural beauty outside your door without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Florida rooms are an affordable way to add extra living space.
  • Sunrooms boost your property value.
  • A dedicated place to relax and unwind.

Tips for Building the Ideal Glass Patio Enclosure

When building a glass patio enclosure, consider the following:

  • Contractors: The right sunroom contractor can help you design and build a top-quality custom sunroom that fits your space and needs perfectly.
  • Budget: Constructing a sunroom is an affordable way to increase property value. A skilled contractor will explain how the cost of a sunroom breaks down and show you how to optimize your investment. Here’s a terrific place to start: Creating a budget when you’re ready to add a sunroom
  • Size: The size of your addition will have a significant impact on how you can use it, its cost, and potential placements, so think carefully about how you want to use the room and how much space you’ll need.
  • Location: If you’re enclosing an existing structure, this decision may already be made. If not, you’ll want to weigh things like traffic patterns inside and outside your home, property lines, utility connection, and the location of outbuildings and exterior features like pools or gardens.
  • Materials: The materials that you choose can have a significant impact on how your new enclosure performs.
    • Wood is gorgeous, but you’ll need to be ready to spend plenty of time sanding, sealing, staining, or painting if you want to keep it in decent condition.
    • Florida sunrooms are best built using aluminum. Aluminum is a low-maintenance option that offers a variety of styles and colors.
    • Sunroom Windows come in a diverse assortment of types, so you’ll have many choices.

These are the most important decisions to make. Whether you are focused on the price tag, privacy, or appearance, an experienced contractor can guide you through the possibilities.

It doesn’t matter whether you call them glass patio enclosures or sunrooms. What matters is ensuring that you ultimately get the quality custom enclosure that’s precisely what you want. With more than 50 years of experience designing and building all kinds of patio enclosures for Florida families and businesses, Dulando Screen & Awning knows how to deliver the perfect result. Contact us today.

How Do I Convert a Patio to a Sunroom?

How Do I Convert a Patio to a Sunroom?

A sunroom is an awesome feature that offers real advantages. Often dubbed Florida rooms, they are more costly if starting from scratch. But it is possible to convert an existing covered patio or lanai and save money when building a sunroom. The process to convert a patio to a sunroom is easier than you think. When complete, a sunroom can even increase the energy efficiency of your property, boost your home’s value and increase your living space. Plus, they offer endless opportunities. You can use them to entertain, relax, eat, work, or do almost anything. Are you wondering how to convert a patio to a sunroom?

Explore the Possibilities
If you want to turn a patio to a sunroom, it makes sense to begin by finding out what’s possible. Talking to experts about your vision for your new space is an excellent starting point. At Dulando Screen & Awning, we offer free in-home design consultations. This includes visiting your home, reviewing the space and providing options to building your new sunroom. It’s important to know how you want to use the space, so we can make sure to include additional outlets, lighting or custom columns to match the architecture of your home.

Hire a Contractor
If you want a solid sunroom, hire a contractor with a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a professional firm that’s licensed and insured with a lengthy history of using quality materials to deliver superior work. The right sunroom contractor will serve as your guide through the process. From design to build and beyond, they’ll work with you to see that you get a top-notch sunroom that offers great value for your investment and a great deal of pleasure for your family.

Approve a Design
Once you have the vision and a sunroom contractor, it’s time to get the details of your design worked out. With a custom design, you’re in control. Each sunroom or Florida room fits your particular needs and tastes. You’ll have plenty of factors to consider:

  • Windows. Windows are a major influence in a sunroom. Thankfully, PGT windows offer WinGuard Hurricane Impact Windows. It’s important to keep Florida’s stormy weather and the occasional hurricane in mind. Should you opt for vinyl or glass? Both have pros and cons. As you’re designing the space, you’ll have numerous styles of windows to contemplate. You could even mix in sliding doors.

Additional Reading: Sunroom Windows:  Choosing Between Acrylic, Glass & Vinyl

  • Area. How much room do you need? If you’re converting a patio to a sunroom, you’re starting with a basic footprint. However, you may be able to expand that footprint if you want more room and your budget allows. Think about how you want to use the space. Your new sunroom should meet those needs.
  • Special touches. As you’re thinking about using the space, consider what features will come in handy. Is lighting essential? How many outlets do you need? What kind of hardware is right for your new sunroom? What about flooring?
  • Roof. Technically, if your goal is to convert a patio to a sunroom, you won’t need a roof. But what if you want to extend the room to provide more living space, there are so many options available. Both studio roofs and gable roofs are popular. What roofing material should you opt for? You can match the patio roof to the rest of your house or choose something complementary.

Watch the Construction
Once your design is approved and the contract is signed, it’s a matter of waiting for permitting and then construction to begin. If you’ve hired a reputable firm, you’ll be able to watch as skilled workers quickly and safely assemble your new sunroom. When they’re done, you’ll have a fantastic new space to enjoy.

Are you ready to convert a patio to a sunroom?

Dulando has been creating amazing sunrooms and screen rooms for Florida residents since 1968. We’ve serviced the surrounding Orlando area as well as Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach and as far south as Titusville. When you want to convert a patio to a sunroom, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us today to request your free in-home design consultation.

The Most Popular Sunroom FAQs From Customers

The Most Popular Sunroom FAQs From Customers

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we love sunrooms, and we delight in answering questions about building a sunroom. To make it easier for people who are interested in adding a Florida room to their home, we’ve gathered our most popular sunroom FAQs from customers in one spot.

Top Sunroom FAQs

Why Build a Sunroom?

Sunrooms offer numerous benefits. They provide more living space. They offer an affordable way to increase the value of your property. They also bring the beauty of the outdoors inside while leaving annoyances like bugs, pollen, debris, and nosy neighbors outside.

Is a Custom Sunroom a Better Choice?

If you’re handy, a sunroom kit may seem like a fun project. However, these kits are cookie-cutter products. They won’t necessarily make the best use of your space or offer all features that you want the way that a custom design will. You may also find the process of installing them more challenging than you expected. After all, you’ll have to deal with both the mix of materials and tools and matters like permits and other legal considerations.

How Do I Select a Sunroom Contractor?

When you’re looking for a sunroom contractor to design and build your new custom sunroom, you’ll want to do a bit of homework to select the right professional. Start by looking at reviews and asking for references to find a contractor with a solid reputation for getting the job done properly. When you have a list, verify their professionalism. Finally, check the quality of their work. Luckily, Dulando’s service area covers Volusia County from Daytona Beach, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach as well as Seminole & Orange Counties.

What are my Roofing Options for a Sunroom?

When you’re building a sunroom, what kind of roof should top it? That depends on your preferences and the materials that make up the roof of your home. When it comes to styles, gable and studio roofs are among the most popular. As for materials, aluminum is appreciated for its durability. Shingles are often preferred by homeowners who want their sunroom’s roof to match the rest of the house. Whether you live on the coast or the interior portions of central Florida, an aluminum roof is the best choice.

What Types of Sunroom Windows are Available?

Windows are essential in creating a sunroom’s open, airy feel, so you’ll want to use quality materials. The screens are a great place to start, and there are several options. Today’s screens can keep even the smallest pests out, ward off ultraviolet rays, improve privacy, and offer enhanced durability. You’ll simply need to keep your priorities in mind while selecting screening. What about the windows? One advantage of working with a reputable licensed contractor is that the windows they install will be properly up to code. That means that they’ll be rated for Florida’s famously windy weather.

What Factors Affect a Sunroom’s Price Tag?

Several things impact sunroom cost. These include its size, the materials used, and the way it connects to your home. The legal requirements for your location and the features and amenities that you add will also influence the price.

Do you have more questions about sunrooms? Ask us. Just give us a call at 407-862-6060.

If you’re ready to add a sunroom to your home, we hope these sunroom FAQs were helpful. If you want to discuss a project, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Reach out to Dulando Screen & Awning today. Remember, we cover most of Volusia County – especially the Port Orange and Edgewater areas as well as Seminole County & Orange County. From Orlando to Daytona Beach, we can help you build a sunroom!

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