What to consider when building a screen porch

What to consider when building a screen porch

Enclosed screen porches are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from pests and the elements. This article will discuss some important considerations when building a screen porch. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a beautiful and functional screen porch to enhance your property’s value and enjoyment.

Building a Screen Porch Includes:

Purpose of Screen Porch

Since a screen porch is attached to your home, how do you envision using it? Will it be primarily used for dining and entertaining, or will it serve as a more casual space for relaxation and lounging? This will have an impact on the size and layout of the porch, as well as some of the features that will be used.

Determine Location and Size.

Consider the entrance to the porch from the home, as well as the view, privacy, and sun exposure. If you have a current lanai and want to stay within that footprint, then there is nothing to decide. We enclose the lanai to create a porch enclosure. However, if you want to expand the space, we’ll need to figure out how far and wide.

Screen Porch Framing Materials

The most common materials used for screen porches in Florida are Perma-wood and aluminum. Perma-wood provides the best features of wood, vinyl, and aluminum in a single material. It mimics wood and has a natural and classic look. Aluminum porches are a more durable and low-maintenance option and are favored among homeowners in Florida.

Aluminum Porch Roof

If your screen porch is already under your home’s roofline, you can skip this part, but if you plan on building a new screen porch or extending your existing lanai, you’ll need to choose a roof. Insulated aluminum roof panels are a popular choice due to their durability, low maintenance needs, and sleek appearance. You can opt for a timeless flat roof that extends from your home’s current roofline or go with a gable roof. Gable roofs offer a traditional look and can be ventilated to improve airflow. A shed roof is another popular choice, which provides a contemporary look and can be installed at a slope to improve water drainage. Dulando uses Structall insulated panels. These roof panels are energy efficient and complement your home’s exterior. When choosing an aluminum porch roof, consider the style, functionality, and budget to determine the best option.

Types of Screens for Your Porch

When choosing porch screens, consider the following factors:

  • Purpose: Do you need screens for insect control, sun and heat control, or privacy?
  • Material: Screens are made of fiberglass, aluminum, and other materials. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Color: Choose a color that complements your home’s exterior and interior design.
  • Mesh size: The smaller the mesh size, the more influential the screen keeps out insects.
  • Durability: Consider the expected lifespan of the screen and whether it can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you have pets or small children, definitely consider Phifer Pet Screen.

Screen Porch Installation

Once the materials have been chosen, it is time for the screen porch installation. This typically involves building a frame, attaching the screen material, and then installing any necessary doors and windows. It is important to hire a professional to handle the installation to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. The process takes time between permitting and scheduling the installation. Your screen contractor should advise you on the timeline to the best of their ability.

Finally, it is important to consider any additional features for the porch. This may include ceiling fans, lighting, and outdoor speakers. Keep in mind, when adding a ceiling fan to a patio enclosure, inform the patio contractor beforehand to have a fan beam in place within the insulated roof for additional support and to hide wiring. These additional features can enhance the comfort and functionality of the porch and make it a more enjoyable space to spend time in.

Building a screen porch is a great way to add a functional and enjoyable outdoor space to your home. By considering the purpose, location, size, materials, and additional features, you can create a space perfect for dining, entertaining, or relaxation. With the help of a professional installation team, you can enjoy your new screen porch for years to come.

Why We Use Structall Aluminum Roof Panels for Patio Covers

Why We Use Structall Aluminum Roof Panels for Patio Covers

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we’re firmly committed to excellence. That’s why we combine expert design services and meticulous craftsmanship with top-quality materials like Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels. What makes these aluminum roof panels a fantastic choice when you want to cover a patio, screened enclosure or sunroom?  Here are the top reasons why we use Structall for our aluminum roof panels.

Benefits of Aluminum Roof Panels

Aluminum patio roof panels won’t wilt when the going gets tough. This hardy material doesn’t rust or rot. Unlike wood, it’s not vulnerable to termites or other similar pests. What about the wind? When things get gusty, Structall aluminum patio covers stay strong. When building a patio screen enclosure, these roof panels can withstand high wind loads when properly installed. Snap-N-Lock panels also feature a clever design that includes a patented joint design. When the roof panels snap together, an internal sealant creates a sturdy, waterproof seal. Tucking the sealant inside protects it from damaging ultraviolet rays, reducing deterioration. The result is a long-lasting roof that you can rely on for years to come.

aluminum roof panels

Easy to Maintain  
Free time is a valuable commodity in today’s busy world. Would you rather spend yours tackling a to-do list of maintenance chores or enjoying fun activities? It takes a lot of work to keep wood in good shape. Aluminum is different. Patio and screen room roof panels made from aluminum need almost no special care. Year after year, they’ll continue to look amazing without making any extra work for you.

Energy Efficient 
Florida is famous for its steamy sunshine. Although warm, luminous days are great in theory, the reality can sometimes be harsh. Mixing unrelenting sun with high humidity can make unprotected outdoor spaces brutally hot and sticky. Fortunately, Structall’s insulated aluminum roof panels excel at creating a sheltered space. The panels’ rolled aluminum exteriors surround energy-efficient foam cores to repel heat energy. A roof crafted from these panels shields the area beneath it, so your patio, screen room or sunroom stays cooler with less effort and expense.

Environmentally Friendly 
What makes an aluminum roof panel an environmentally-friendly choice? For starters, aluminum is recyclable, so it’s an eco-friendly material. It’s also a low-maintenance one. That means you won’t need to repeatedly apply toxic chemicals to protect it from pests or to seal it against the elements. As mentioned above, there is already an internal sealant.  Once the aluminum roof panels snap and lock in place, you are protected.

When you want a roof for your patio that reflects your sense of style and melds with your existing structures, Structall’s aluminum roof panels are a perfect choice.

  • Do you have a unique floor plan?
  • Are you hoping to incorporate special features like sunroofs, ceiling fans or lighting fixtures?
  • Structall’s panels can get the job done.

A note of caution – Several homeowners believe they can install a ceiling fan in their patio enclosure, but it’s not that simple. The initial step is to set up a fan beam, which provides extra support for both the wiring and the weight of the ceiling fan. So make sure to discuss this option with your patio contractor.

These versatile Snap-N-Lock panels can be used to achieve a variety of roof pitches. They’re available in a wide range of weather-resistant finishes, or you can cover them with shingles or siding. With so many possibilities, achieving the look you want is easy.

Aluminum roof panels from Structall are an excellent choice for building a roof on many types of screen enclosures and covered patios or aluminum carports.

In addition to their many aesthetic and practical advantages, aluminum roofing panels are also surprisingly affordable. To learn more about these panels or to schedule a free in-home design consultation, contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 today.

Aluminum Screen Enclosures: Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood

Aluminum Screen Enclosures: Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood

Ready to build a patio or screened porch enclosure? When building aluminum screen enclosures, Dulando Screen and Awning is prepared to create your new living space just the way you want it – with custom design to complement your home, expert workmanship and top quality materials. If you’re going to build on to your home, you want the new addition to function and look its best!

We offer a variety of aluminum screen enclosures from major manufacturers.

By using Aluma-wood, your aluminum screen enclosures will:

  • offer a clean look
  • a lifetime of durability
  • none of the disadvantages of wood like rotting, warping, peeling, burning or cracking.

Top quality aluminum construction keeps your patio or screened porch enclosure looking new and elegant for years to come, plus it’s virtually maintenance free.

Some homeowners may opt for screened patios made of wood or even steel, but often times they don’t realize the long term disadvantages. Wooden or steel may split, become rotten, weathered by the elements; whereas aluminum patio structures are practically everlasting in both appearance and structural integrity.

The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood:

Low Maintenance: Aluminum screen enclosures require almost zero-maintenance over the years. Wood structures typically require additional maintenance costs from year to year, especially as the wood ages.

Weather Resistant: Unlike wood, there is no rotting or dry rot, peeling or corroding. Aluminum screen enclosures are not affected by outdoor elements and will not become brittle or warped.

Moisture Resistant: Our top quality aluminum materials can be used in most any environment: next to your swimming pool or hot tub, beach side or even simply in a hot and humid backyard. These are all common environments in Florida and they all have adverse effects on wood.

Pest Resistant: You will never have a termite or other wood-destroying insect problem with our aluminum patio coverings, screen room enclosures or sunrooms. One of the most frightening aspects of pest infestation is not only the safety hazard – the integrity of your structure is literally being eaten away –those nasty bugs might even spread to other areas of your home.

Fire Safety: Aluminum is a fire resistant material and helps protect your family and home during seasons of wild fires in Central Florida.

Increased Home Value: Aluminum adds long-term value to your home due to its clean lines, structural integrity and lifetime of durability. Additionally, with a screened enclosure you increase square footage in your home and that helps to increase your home’s value. Screen enclosed patios and sunrooms are consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 ways to add value to your home by realtors and brokers.

For all these reasons and more, well-designed aluminum patio screen enclosures and sunrooms are the most popular choice with Central Florida homeowners just like you. They appreciate the benefits of aluminum over wood and choose Dulando Screen and Awning to design and build the beautiful screens for patio enclosure or sunroom for their homes.


Aluminum screen enclosures, patios, porches and sunrooms not only provide protection from the outdoor elements, but also create a well-defined structure to every home. Your outdoor living area should provide you with the extra space and comfort you deserve and be built to last for a lifetime!

Since 1968, Dulando Screen and Awning has built thousands of patio, screen and pool enclosures and sunrooms in Central Florida. We’re a local company, family owned and ready to help you learn more about a quality screen enclosure, sunroom, patio or deck for your home.

We offer free in-home consultation, please contact us today! Phone: (407) 862-6060.


Types of Phifer Screen for your Patio or Pool Enclosure

Types of Phifer Screen for your Patio or Pool Enclosure

Not all Screens are Created Equal
Phifer Screen is the only brand of screen that lasts for 10-12 years – a quality, durable material for your screen enclosure.  Phifer screening products are ideal for patio enclosures or pool enclosures.

Since 1952, Phifer has been a leader in the screen making industry and is today the world’s largest supplier of woven fiberglass pool screening.   Once a patio or pool screen enclosure is built or replaced with Phifer Solar Insect Screen, you may expect up to 10-12 years of maintenance free screening to protect and beautify your home.

Why using PHIFER BRAND screens makes a difference
Phifer ScreenNo other screen material offers total protection from the elements, insects and harsh solar rays. Simply stated, Phifer screen is built to last and perform better than any other product on the market. While using an inferior screening product may look the same when the job is complete, within just a few years that same screen may begin to mildew, fade and tear easily. A Phifer screen maintains that like-new look, feel and performance for a decade or more.

What is Phifer Solar Insect Screen?
solar insect screenSolar Insect Screen which is often referred to as the no see um screen.  It offers you the best insect protection to keep bugs and backyard critters away from your pool, deck and home. It’s been called the no seem um screen because it really does keep the no see ums out of your patio area.  Dulando Screen and Awning uses Fiberglass 20×20 “no see um screen” to provide the maximum protection vs. standard fiberglass or aluminum screen.

Mesh count in a screen is very important. When understanding how the insect screen works, it’s important to know what ‘mesh count’ means as it relates to protection.  This is the number of openings per linear inch on the screen.  The mesh is counted by starting from the center of one wire or yarn and counting the number of openings to a point one linear inch away.

For example: 8 X 8 mesh indicates that, in one linear inch, there are eight (8) openings. This is a standard Phifer screen. A 20 X 20 mesh indicates that in one linear inch, there are twenty (20) openings and the No-Seeums (20×20 Mesh) is of the highest quality is for those pesky no-seeums. The product’s design uses finer yarns in a tighter mesh. The design creates more holes per square inch (20 x 20) which, in turn, improves ventilation and optical clarity. The result is better performing insect screen. Dulando Screen and Awning uses 18 x 14 as a standard screen.

Phifer screen brand includes both the Solar Insect Screen and Glas-Shield products which are designed specifically for pool screen enclosure applications where extra strength, small insect prevention, and reduction of wind-blown debris are key factors in protecting a home and pool.

Phifer Pet Screen: Tough As Your Pets’ Nails
Phifer patio and pool screen is great for keeping insects and critters and debris out of your outdoor living space, however, it’s not as efficient as keeping IN your pets or OUT unwanted pets or animals.  Especially those with claws.

That’s where Phifer Pet Screen comes in.  Reassuringly sturdy, Phifer Pet Screen is 7x stronger than standard screens for patio enclosure material.

Did we mention Phifer pet screen is also a winner with homeowners who have small children?  Whether you have little paws or little fingers, you can rest assured that your screen can handle both pets and children.

Ideal areas to use Phifer Pet Screen instead of a standard screen are:

  • Sliding doors and outdoor kitchens
  • High traffic areas where children play
  • The erroneous golf or softball  ball
  • While not sacrificing outward visibility and insect control

More Great Features of Phifer SunScreen Products:

energy-savingEnergy Savings Phifer’s range of exterior Sun Control fabrics provide a great reduction in solar heat creating a more comfortable environment and less work for your air conditioner.
microbanMicroban Phifer sun control fabrics are the only shade fabrics in the world to include Microban protection. Microban antimicrobial protection works nonstop to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. You can breathe easier knowing Microban is working to reduce these health pollutants.
flame-retardantFlame Retardant Exterior Sun Control fabrics are flame retardant and meet flame certification standards based on national and local requirements. Dulando Screen and Awning knows the protection and safety of your family is priority number one.
greenguardGreenguard Certification ensures products have met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.
lead-freeLead-Free Phifer Incorporated’s entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead-free, meeting and far exceeding several window covering industry testing standards for hazardous materials.

Remember everyone will say that they use Phifer screen products on your screen pool enclosure or patio screen enclosure, but they don’t.  Many screen enclosure companies use inferior screen enclosure products to reduce material costs and make more money from the project. Dulando Screen & Awning has been working with homeowners just like you since 1968.  We simply won’t sacrifice quality materials or workmanship to build it cheaper. Dulando Screen & Awning prides itself on our longstanding factory direct partnership with Phifer Screen.  We carry all of the Phifer screen products.Save


Fall Entertaining in Your Backyard

Fall Entertaining In Your BackyardA chill in the air, a cozy fire and colorful leaves falling everywhere — these are among the outdoor pleasures of autumn. With this lovely backdrop, fall is the perfect time for backyard entertaining. Using “warm” and “cozy” as your fall entertaining by words, a little planning and a few fall decorating ideas are all you need to host wonderful fall dinner parties alfresco. To help you get started, here are ten suggestions:

  • Let nature provide your theme. The changing colors of trees offer a beautiful setting for your fall dinner party. By scattering natural elements such as berries, leaves, pinecones and acorns across patio tabletops and into strategically placed mason jars along with the window sills of your sunroom, you carry the fall theme throughout your party. Small pots of chrysanthemums on dining tables and around your pool deck are another simple decorative embellishment.
  • Cloth table linens enliven fall backyard entertaining. While paper napkins and tablecloths are just fine for summer barbecues, cloth linens in the rich, jewel tones of autumn add a bit of warmth to fall dinner parties. Select one color for an elegant monochromatic look or use several fall colors together — orange, olive, maroon, gold — to create a warm, festive atmosphere.
  • A fire pit chases the chill away. There’s just something about the warmth and beauty of a fire that draws people. That’s why your guests are likely to gather around your fire pit if you have one. If not, portable fire pits are available at every price point, making them easy to incorporate into your backyard for entertaining and for evenings with your own family.
  • Add cushions to your outdoor seating. Whether wood, wrought iron or fiberglass, your seating immediately becomes warmer and more comfortable with the addition of cushions. Just be sure to use colors that complement your overall theme.
  • Throws and blankets add an additional layer of coziness. Even with a fire pit, throws and blankets are a gracious way of offering guests an extra bit of comfort. Have them available in your theme colors. They will surely be a welcome addition to outdoor entertaining in the fall.
  • Lighting sets the atmosphere. Rather than the glare of bright lights, soft lighting creates an inviting ambiance. Combining two kinds of lights — low wattage bulbs and a multitude of candles — heightens the appeal. Place both throughout your screen enclosed patio at varying heights for a beautiful effect.
  • Greet guests with hot drinks. From hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks to mulled wine with exotic spices, hot drinks are a nice welcome for guests as they arrive. Offer two different kinds and be sure to have plenty on hand to replenish glasses throughout the evening.
  • Use an assortment of plates and glasses. Matching sets of plates and glasses are traditional, but using an eclectic mix of china and glassware adds playfulness along with color and vibrancy. What’s more, the weight of these items serves to anchor your table linens on a breezy day.
  • Prepare hot foods in advance. Since grilling has become virtually a year-round activity, you might choose it for your fall entertaining. However, preparing hot soups, stews, chili or other seasonal favorites is very appetizing at this time of year. Besides, making them in advance affords you more time to enjoy your guests. Chafing dishes will keep everything hot.
  • Be prepared to bring your gathering indoors. As delightful as fall temperatures are, the weather can be unpredictable. Holding your event on an early fall date, for example, makes cold weather less likely, but it may still rain. You will avoid a ruined evening by installing an aluminum awning and having your patio covered so it’s ready for entertaining in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Coming up with plans for hearty fall fare and creative fall decorating ideas is just part of the fun of outdoor entertaining. After all, the key to entertaining is to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Then just relax and enjoy your guests.

We hope you enjoyed these Fall entertaining tips! We love helping you make the most of your outdoor living space and Florida lifestyle. Since 1968, Dulando Screen and Awning has built thousands of patio, screen and pool enclosures and sunrooms in Central Florida.

We’re a local company, a family-owned screen enclosure contractor. Let us help you learn more about a quality screen enclosure, sunroom or patio enclosure for your home. We offer free in-home consultation, please contact us today! Phone: 407-862-6060.


Preparing Your Patio For Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Patio For Hurricane Season

Homeowners in Florida know this time of year can be one of the busiest for tropical storm and hurricane activity. Since these volatile storms pose a major threat to your property and family, it’s important to prepare your home before hurricane season. The patio and screened enclosures are often overlooked during storm preparations; however, they can be easily secured and protected from the damaging effects of a hurricane.

As part of your outdoor living area, patios and screen pool enclosures are most susceptible to gusting winds and drenching rains. Large outdoor items such as patio furniture, umbrellas, trash cans, plant pots and wall décor need to be properly stored or secured.  All too often, we’ve seen lightweight outdoor furniture, like PVC chairs and tables, become flying projectiles during a hurricane through home windows or screen pool enclosures.  So when news of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane is coming your way, start with securing or storing large outdoor items such as as the following:

  • Heavy items and furniture, such as a patio table, may be turned on their sides or upside down to help prevent it from being caught by the wind and tossed about the patio.
  • Potted plants – even small pots can become dangerous projectiles in hurricane strength winds; therefore, they should be removed
  • Patio umbrellas – close them and remove them from stands and/or patio tables. A gust of wind can send an open umbrella flying through your screen enclosure
  • Decorative items – store them safely inside your home or garage to ensure protection from water damage
  • Overhanging trees – cut back limbs, remove decaying  branches, trim off weak limbs and loose leaves. Pay extra attention to any trees or shrubs that are close to your home and especially your patio area and screen enclosure or pool.
  • Enclosed swimming pool – Pool builders recommend leaving water in your pool during a hurricane or strong storm, but adding more chlorine to reduce storm water contamination. Your pool may overflow, but will be less likely to be damaged by the storm and/or debris that may fall into it. Most importantly, cover outdoor electrical devices with appropriate waterproof material to reduce the risk of damage.

By being prepared and taking the necessary preventative measures during hurricane season, you are ensuring the safety and security of your home, family and pets.

Follow the steps we’ve outlined above and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care to keep you, your family and home safe this hurricane season.

If you’ve been hit by a storm and are in need of a pool enclosure replacement, please give us a call at 407-862-6060


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