Buyer Beware – Quality Pool Enclosures at the Lowest Price!

Buyer Beware – Quality Pool Enclosures at the Lowest Price!

Sometimes, having a choice complicates things more than it should. For example, if you want a burger, you can choose from more than 100 places around town to satisfy your appetite. When selecting a contractor for quality pool enclosures, it’s not always apparent who you should choose for the job. As the desire for having a pool screen enclosure rises, more dishonest contractors have hit the market to take advantage of uninformed residents.

Therefore, we’ve put together this list of BUYER BEWARE signs. Because we believe that if you know what to look for when choosing a pool enclosure contractor, you can save you time, money and a headache in the future.

Choosing a Contractor for Quality Pool Enclosures

Beware of proper licensing and insurance.

We continue to see articles in the local paper about how unlicensed contractors boondoggle homeowners when advertising for quality pool enclosures. Please, please, please, make sure to verify the company on the DPPR website. Dulando Screen & Awning, Inc. is a second-generation company. We have enjoyed over 50 years in the central Florida area. Feel free to look us up.

Beware the Pressure to Sign

Look out for untrustworthy screen pool enclosure contractors who rush you into signing a contract. Even if they don’t pressure you with a contract at first, they may start offering questionable discounts, such as giving you a reduced price if you let them use your finished aluminum pool enclosure as a model for future buyers. A good contractor wants you to decide when and if you want the enclosure built with no strings attached. Work with an experienced pool enclosure contractor.  Make sure they have built enough pool enclosures to deliver a quality job.

Beware the Pool Enclosures Price Tag

Watch out for pool enclosure contractors who base their “low” price on what the competitors offer. Yes, contractors who build quality pool enclosures compete just like any other business, but some non-reputable pool enclosure contractors lure you with speeches about money rather than the quality of their work. An honest pool enclosure contractor offers a competitive price and produces high-quality results. Make sure to review their gallery of work.  Look through their gallery of work, talk to their customers.  A quality pool enclosure contractor will have many customers you can review.

Beware the Quality of Materials Used

Understand the materials that the contractor uses to build your pool enclosure. Ask questions about screen durability, visibility and whether it’s pet resistant. What is the warranty available on the screen they are using?  Will the enclosure reduce heating and cooling costs? A reputable contractor provides all this information in the beginning.

Additionally, Dulando only uses Phifer screen. Phifer is leading in the screen industry and we are honored to be a preferred contractor for their line of screens.  Here are just a few.

Beware the Lack of References and Portfolios

When looking for a contractor who offers quality pool enclosures, be careful about choosing the first one you talk to. Ask to see examples of recent work or references of previous customers. You may end up choosing a contractor who has experience building decks but not enclosures. Always ask to see a portfolio, and then determine whether the contractor has the experience to build what you want.

Check out our screen enclosure gallery.

Beware the Missing Details in your Contract

Make sure the screen enclosure contractor can provide you with a detailed contract that covers everything from the exact pool screen enclosure cost to the warranty. You should also have information such as the items for installation, a set of plans and an outline for everything you and the contractor agree on. Lastly, the contractor should have insurance and a license to ensure credibility, knowledge and experience.

Additional Download: Builder Checklist

As you can see, making sure you choose the right pool enclosure contractor depends on a variety of factors. Make sure you know if the contractor is licensed and bonded as well as reading your contract and understanding what is written. Don’t forget to check out examples of their work and maybe a few testimonials of happy customers. Go into the process with a buyer-beware mentality to ensure everything goes smoothly and lives up to your expectations.

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