Building a Patio Enclosure vs Building a Patio Deck

Building a Patio Enclosure vs Building a Patio Deck

Adding functional living space to your backyard is a good way to increase the enjoyment and the value of your home. Patio decks and patios with screen enclosures are two of the most common features homeowners can install for extra outdoor living space. Although building a patio deck and a patio enclosure offer similar features for homeowners, there are some key differences between them, starting with the materials used in their construction.

Materials for a Patio or Deck

The biggest differences between patios and decks lie in their construction materials; patios typically use stone materials while decks use wood. An enclosed patio is typically constructed with an aluminum frame and a screen material. Homeowners have a wide variety of stone materials to choose from for their patios, including brick, pavers, concrete and tile. Homeowners can select colors and styles to create a unique look to suit their individual styles.

Location of New Backyard Patio or Deck

Both a patio deck and patio enclosure are typically level with the ground, eliminating the need for a railing or set of stairs. A patio can easily be built around an existing step from your back door. Building a patio from your back door also makes it easy to enclose with a screen by connecting the enclosure to the house. Decks, on the other hand, can be built above the ground level so that the homeowner can take advantage of a view or connect the structure to a second level of the house.

Cost of Patio Enclosure vs. Patio Deck

The materials used contribute to the cost of a patio enclosure or deck.  It depends on which materials you want to use. If building a patio deck, wood often costs less than some of the materials used in enclosed patios, but inexpensive wood can incur a higher maintenance cost. More durable woods can actually be more expensive than typical patio materials. If your yard doesn’t require extra work to level and prepare for a patio, the labor for building a patio may cost less than building a patio deck.

Maintenance for Patio Enclosure vs. Patio Deck

Whether building a patio deck or a screened patio enclosure, understand that they require different levels of maintenance. An enclosed patio won’t be as exposed to the elements, protecting it from developing mold or other issues. Regular cleaning tasks, including sweeping with a broom, may be sufficient to maintain your patio. Patio decks require more maintenance to keep them in good shape. This includes annual sealing and frequently checking the deck for structural issues.

Patio Enclosure Provides Protection from the Elements

An enclosed patio gives homeowners relief from the natural elements, including annoying pests. Due to the durable screen materials used in this type of patio, homeowners won’t have to endure mosquitos and other common Florida insects. Screened patio enclosures can also block out some of the sun’s heat, help homeowners reduce their cooling costs in the summer. Homeowners also won’t have to deal with an endless collection of leaves and other debris that plague open-air patios and decks.

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Although both a patio deck and a screened in patio can add the same functionality to your home, it’s important to consider your needs before making a choice. If you want a durable structure that will last for years without major work and will also protect you from Florida’s insects, an enclosed patio may be the choice for you. Since 1968, Dulando Screen & Awning has helped Florida residents create their own backyard havens with enclosed patios. Contact us today 407-862-6060 for help with your creative backyard ideas.

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