Building a Screen Patio Enclosure? Read this first.

Building a Screen Patio Enclosure? Read this first.

A screen patio enclosure perfectly balances outdoor living space and indoor comfort and protection. You enjoy the beauty and freedom of being outside. At the same time, you’ll have just enough shelter from the elements and common outdoor nuisances. When you’re building a screen patio enclosure, here are a few things to know.

Consider the Advantages of Custom Patio Screen Enclosures

With custom screen enclosures, there’s no need to settle. Opting for a custom enclosure designed and built by an experienced screened enclosure contractor means that you get an enclosure that’s tailor-made for you, so it matches your property, priorities, and price range. Ultimately, choosing a custom enclosure is an excellent strategy to maximize the return on your investment.

Let’s Explore the Types of Screened Enclosures

There are numerous types of patio enclosures to ponder. These include:…-read-this-first/

  • Lanai enclosure
  • Frame-in Enclosure (under your roofline)
  • Screen enclosure
  • Extended screen enclosure
  • Screen room
  • Screen patio enclosure
  • Screen porch
  • Screen pool enclosure

Patio Enclosure Materials Make A Difference

A quick walk through any neighborhood makes it clear that plenty of materials are available to build with. Which ones are the right choice for your new enclosure? From foundation to fasteners and screening to roofing, materials matter. They’ll impact the look and initial cost of your new addition. They will also factor into how much time, money, and effort you’ll spend maintaining it. In addition, they’ll play a role in its lifespan.

Top Questions When Building a Patio Enclosure

Masterminding the perfect patio screen installation takes a commitment to quality, experience, and skill. Your contractor will need your input to ensure you build the ideal screen enclosure for you and your family. Your thoughts and desires are vital for the design process, so be ready to answer questions:

  • How do you want to use your enclosure?
  • Will you need additional features like ceiling fans, outlets, or skylights?
  • Where do you want to locate your enclosure? Will it be attached to the home?
  • Do you have dimensions or a floor plan in mind?
  • Have you thought about materials? Are you trying to match the aesthetics of your home?
  • Is easy maintenance a priority?
  • Do you have pets or small children?
  • What is your budget?

An experienced contractor will guide you as you explore options so that you’ll understand the pros and cons of the various possibilities. Their insights can help you balance needs and wants and aid in sorting out what choices make the best use of your budget.

Prepare for the Installation Process

Installing a quality product takes time. Arrangements will need to be made, and permits will need to be acquired. Sometimes, HOA approval is also necessary. After all of the permits is the fabrication. Thankfully, much of the fabrication is done offsite to help with costs and scheduling. Once construction begins, we’ll need to deliver the materials to your home for assembly. Take the time to talk with your contractor so that you’ll know what to expect. Some disruption is almost inevitable when building screened patio enclosures. Your contractor will be able to give you a basic timeline so that you can prepare.

For over 50 years, Dulando Screen & Awning has been crafting top-quality screened enclosures for Florida homes and businesses. When you’re ready to build a custom screen patio enclosure, our team will help you create an outdoor living space you can enjoy for years. Contact Dulando Screen & Awning today to set up a free in-home consultation to discuss your project.

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