Building a Patio Aluminum Awning to Enhance your Backyard or Deck

Building a Patio Aluminum Awning to Enhance your Backyard or Deck

Floridians love the outdoors, yet our infamous afternoon storms keep many residents inside on otherwise pleasant spring and summer days. Building a backyard patio aluminum awning allows homeowners to enjoy Orlando’s tropical climate all year long, as well as provide several other benefits to the home.

In terms of patio covers, building an aluminum awning is by far the most durable, the most economical and the most environmentally friendly option. Here are a few of the many ways a patio aluminum awning can improve life in Orlando all year long.

Low Maintenance Storm Protection
Unlike retractable fabric and canvas awnings, aluminum awnings can withstand Florida’s frequent summer storms without tearing or ripping. In fact, a quality patio aluminum awning can last up to four decades. Given their resistance to storms, rust and termites, aluminum patio covers require very little maintenance. The biggest issue homeowners face is trimming nearby trees so that limbs do not fall on their aluminum awning during storms.  All our patio aluminum awnings are constructed using Structall building systems.  Specifically, Dulando only uses Snap-N-Lock insulated panels.

Perfect Weather All Year Long
In addition to allowing you the ability to enjoy summer days without getting wet, aluminum awnings can significantly reduce rain damage to your home. Patio aluminum awnings keep you cooler by keeping you shielded from the sun while enjoying the outdoors. During the winter, awnings provide insulation to keep you warm as you sip coffee on your porch. House awnings aren’t limited to porch protection; if you don’t have a garage, an awning can make a perfect aluminum carport to keep your vehicles cool and dry.

Save Money and the Environment
Building an aluminum awning can actually reduce your utility costs by reflecting heat, thereby reducing the strain on your air conditioner. If you have solar panels, a light-colored awning can boost their efficiency. Because aluminum is lightweight, shipping is inexpensive and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Versatility and Customization
Aluminum patio awnings are available in dozens of styles and colors. They can be customized to size so that they look like a natural extension of your roof.  You can even deck your awning with lights, a ceiling fan and an enclosure to create your own outdoor lounge.

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