Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure to Your Florida Home

Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure to Your Florida Home

It’s increasingly rare to find an Orlando pool without a screen. From Central Florida down to the tip of Key West and back up to Pensacola, residents are quickly realizing that a Florida screened in pool enclosure is essential to guard against the elements. Adding a pool enclosure allows you to enjoy the sun while blocking out some of the more undesirable atmospheric factors. If you aren’t sure whether adding a pool enclosure is worth the expenditure, here are some benefits you may have overlooked.

Keep the Bugs At Bay
There’s nothing quite like a Florida summer. Even with frequent afternoon thunderstorms and the sometimes unbearable humidity, the hotter months of the year remind residents why they bought a house with a pool in the first place. Unfortunately, summer brings with it a host of unpleasant insects, none of which you want to deal with when you decide to go for a dip. Standing water of any kind acts as an oasis for these insects, particularly mosquitoes, who use it as a breeding ground. Adding a pool enclosure can keep those mosquitoes away, along with bees, wasps, horseflies, and all the other uninvited guests of the animal kingdom.

Increased Safety
Have you ever considered what would happen if a neighborhood child wandered over into your yard, only to fall in the pool? Swimming accidents happen every day, all around the country, and many of them are fully preventable. By putting up a pool screen enclosure with a high door handle, it can be used as a child safety fence.  It’s that easy to live up to your duty as a responsible neighbor.

Decreased Debris
If you’re sick of having to scoop floating piles of leaves out of the pool every time you walk into your backyard, you have two options. One, you can cut down all of your trees (a move that will irritate your neighbors, decrease your resale value, and increase your air conditioning bill), or two, you can put up a swimming pool enclosure. By choosing the latter option, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean pool while still enjoying the shade and clean air that a yard full of trees can provide.

Improve The Value of Your Home
In many Orlando neighborhoods, the choice of whether or not to put up a screened in pool enclosure really isn’t a choice at all: the homeowners’ association may demand it. Even if you aren’t bound by your deed to put one up, you can increase the resale value of your home by doing so. In a real estate market that can be unpredictable, at best, don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to make your home stand out.

Check out a few of our screen pool enclosures in our gallery.

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