Benefits of a Panoramic Screen Enclosure

Benefits of a Panoramic Screen Enclosure

What’s in a name? With a panoramic screen enclosure, it’s both an explanation and a declaration. Panoramic can mean a wide view, which is the key feature of these enclosures. However, panoramic also means comprehensive or including all the key points, and that’s something that panoramic screen enclosures excel at. These structures provide plenty of advantages.

Whether it’s a Florida room, a lanai, or a screened pool cage, adding a screen enclosure can be a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. The question quickly becomes… Should you opt for the standard style or the panoramic version? Consider the potential benefits of each type of screen enclosure. Hopefully, it will help you make the decision.

Why a Panoramic Screen Enclosure is Amazing

Enjoy an Unfettered View

Let’s start with the obvious advantage of a screen enclosure with a panoramic view. Standard screen enclosures have vertical or horizontal aluminum frames every few feet. Panoramic enclosures are specially engineered to remove these visual intrusions. This delivers an unhampered view that’s ideal when you want to enjoy the kind of gorgeous scenery you find in the Sunshine State. So, if the view is especially important to you, a panoramic screen enclosure is your best bet.

Take Comfort in Solid Construction

With the way that hurricanes and other strong storms tear across Florida, strong construction is crucial. Fortunately, both a standard lanai and a panoramic lanai screens can be built to meet all the necessary standards. When you opt for a panoramic view, we use larger and stronger vertical beams without compromising the strength of the enclosure. This is what allows us to use fewer beams and produce an unobstructed panoramic view.

Keep Outdoor Annoyances Away

You love being outside. You aren’t as fond of sharing your space with leaves, sticks, frogs, and bugs. A quality screen enclosure of any kind can do an excellent job of keeping common outdoor annoyances out of your outdoor rooms. Some types of screening even offer additional bonuses like sun protection or heightened privacy. We make sure that those screens are compatible with your panoramic screen enclosure.

Increase Your Property Value

It’s easy to see the appeal of relaxing in a screened patio or a panoramic pool screen enclosure. As a result, both types of screen enclosures offer an affordable way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Adding either can increase your enjoyment of your property and your property’s value. Can we be so bold as to say that the beautiful panoramic view will also be a selling point of your home?

Delight in a Custom Design

Do you have special features you’d like to incorporate into your new screen enclosure? Our team has been building amazing patio and panoramic pool enclosures with unique features for decades. When you work with a skilled screen enclosure contractor, you’ll be able to choose either a standard or panoramic design.

There are many benefits that overlap between a standard screen enclosure and a panoramic screen enclosure. But an unspoken benefit is you’ll have the admiration of your friends and neighbors as they see your new outdoor space. Panoramic enclosures are still pretty new and are becoming the new go-to screen patio enclosure or pool enclosure method.

Are You Ready for a Panoramic View Screen Enclosure?

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living space with the addition of a screened room or pool enclosure? Whether you’re interested in the standard screen enclosure or prefer the possibilities that a panoramic view screen enclosure offers, turn to Dulando Screen & Awning. We’ve been serving our fellow Floridians for more than half a century, so we understand how to get amazing results. We’re fully licensed and insured and committed to delivering top-quality products that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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