Backyard Pergola Designs & Options

Backyard Pergola Designs & Options

While the pergola can trace its roots back to Ancient Greece, its basic blueprint is as uncomplicated as it is timeless. After all, a pergola is simply an outdoor shade structure consisting of four or more vertical pillars connected by beams. Do you think that lack of complexity means that these structures are boring? Think again. The elements of a pergola are endlessly customizable. With infinite variations possible, here are a few of our favorite pergola designs and options to consider.

Our Favorite Pergola Designs & Options

Attached Versus Detached
Pergolas help to visually define a space. If you want to blur the line between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, consider an attached pergola. Tucked neatly under your home’s roofline, it creates an outdoor room at your backdoor. However, you’ll want to consider how it might change the level of natural light that enters your home. You’ll also want to think about its impact on traffic flow. What if an attached pergola isn’t a good fit for your home? A popular option when building a pergola is to build a detached pergola. This freestanding structure offers far more flexibility when it comes to placement and size. It makes it easy to pick a spot that offers fantastic views and comfort without interfering with travel through your yard.

How big should your backyard pergola be? That depends on factors like how you intend to use it, the size of your budget and the amount of room available. If you envision entertaining beneath the graceful lines of an airy structure, you may prefer a larger pergola with higher ceilings. Alternately, if you want a cozy escape, a smaller pergola may be better.

What will be beneath your feet when you’re using your pergola? Virtually any level surface will work as a base. Therefore, the floor is an ideal place to start putting your own stamp on your pergola design. Popular options include poured concrete, wooden decking, stone or stamped concrete and brick pavers.

The space above your head is another area where you can show your style. Traditionally, pergolas are topped with a trellis that allows the sun to shine through. However, some people prefer to increase the amount of shade offered by installing a solid roof. For those who want the best of both styles, there are canopies, curtains and awnings. Training vines or climbing plants to form a truly green roof atop your pergola is another possibility.

One of the most important decisions a homeowner will make when it comes to their pergola design is the construction materials. Wood can be exceptionally beautiful, but it’s a notoriously high-maintenance material. In contrast, aluminum offers a sturdy structure that requires minimal work to remain in excellent condition. At Dulando Screen & Awning, we use Perma-Wood for our custom shade structures. An innovative product that combines the beauty of a textured woodgrain finish with the ease and durability of aluminum, it is the perfect mix of aesthetic appeal and practical charm.

Additional Reading about Pergola Designs:

When designing your ideal pergola, there are plenty of other options to explore like the use of color and pattern, the structure’s height, the style of its posts, and even electrical packages. Are you ready to discover more pergola designs and options? Contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 386-246-0246 to schedule a free consultation. Put our experience of creating custom pergola designs to work for you.


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