Adding a Florida Room or Sunroom to Your Home

Adding a Florida Room or Sunroom to Your Home

You may have heard this term before and asked yourself, “What is a Florida room?” Well, it’s basically a sunroom, or a “sun porch,” as people in the south like to call it. If you moved to Florida from the north, you may also refer to it as a three-season room. No matter what you call it, adding a Florida room is a barrier between you and bothersome insects and bad weather. If you are considering adding a Florida room, not only will you be providing shade in an exterior space, but it will also extend your living area to the outdoors.

Here are a few benefits of adding a Florida Sunroom to your home.

If your home has a patio or lanai, you don’t have to worry about pouring a new foundation, installing plumbing or insulating the walls. Almost everything is already in place for the installation. If adding a Florida room, this is the best affordable option for taking what you already have and enhancing it just a bit further to create a functional space.

Even if your home currently has a patio or lanai under roof, it might be too small for what you envision as your Florida room.  If your current patio area is too small for your dream Florida room, don’t worry. We can also extend your patio by adding a Florida room.  The possibilities are endless when figuring out how to design the additional space for optimal use for your family. We’ll take care of the foundation and walls, you take care of the space planning.

A Florida room will allow you to enjoy the outdoors

People are drawn to central Florida because they love the sunshine and the outdoors. Abundant sunshine attracts people to Florida every year, but even the most sun-loving person could use a break from the heat. What do you do it if you want to enjoy the outdoors and still enjoy a climatized environment?

Don’t forget about the mosquito infestations, which can also drive anyone crazy after a few nights in the backyard. A Florida room takes care of all that, giving you a cozy, shady place to relax out of the heat and away from stubborn mosquitoes.

Additional Features

Whether you want to set a comfy sofa in your Florida room for lounging or add a pool table for a fun rec space, you can do as little or as much as you want with your Florida room. You can install a ceiling fan to circulate the air or add window treatments to give it a homey look. Let the sunshine in to light the space during the day, and use decorative lamps to illuminate the room at night.

If you consider adding a ceiling fan to your patio enclosure, inform your patio contractor early. A fan beam is required to support the fan and hide the wiring within the insulated roof.

Increase the value of your home.

Adding a Florida room not only gives you a new space to enjoy with friends and family, but it also increases your home’s resale value without needing a complete renovation. With a new Florida room, you can extend your space and enjoy socializing outdoors without the worry of rain, heat and bugs.

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