Phifer Solar Insect Screen

Phifer Solar Insect Screen Offers the Best Insect Protection

Dulando is proud to carry Phifer products for our customers. Phifer is the leading supplier of fiberglass screening materials used for pool and patio enclosures.  Their 18 X14, 20X20 No-See-um and Glas-Shield products are designed specifically for pool screen enclosure applications where extra strength, small insect prevention, and reduction of wind blown debris is important.

Pool and Patio screening is woven from permanent glass yarn, coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility.  Fiberglass 20×20 “no-see-um screen” provides the maximum protection vs. standard fiberglass or aluminum screen.


When understanding how the Phifer Solar Insect Screen works, it’s important to understand mesh count.  This is the number of openings per linear inch on the screen.  The mesh is counted by starting from the center of one wire or yarn and counting the number of openings to a point one linear inch away.

For Example:

  • 8 X 8 mesh indicates that, in one linear inch, there are eight (8) openings. (standard screen)
  • 20 X 20 mesh indicates that in one linear inch, there are twenty (20) openings
No-Seeums (20×20 Mesh)
The highest quality is for those pesky no-seeums. The product’s design uses finer yarns in a tighter mesh. The design creates more holes per square inch (20 x 20) which, in turn, improves ventilation and optical clarity. The result is better performing insect screen.

When using Phifer Solar Insect Screen, your patio and pool will be protected to the fullest from Florida insects.  Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoors even during the summer months.  (in the evening, of course)

No-See-Ums -Charcoal & Silver Grey

This is the recommended insect screen for homeowners who need protection from small insects commonly known as no-see-ums. GREENGUARD certified.

Phifer Solar Insect Screen is a tightly woven 20×20 mesh designed to keep out smaller flying insects. While densely woven, this screen still allows good ventilation and visibility and provides some daytime privacy. Phifer Solar Insect Screen is woven from permanent glass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility. It is produced under the most exacting conditions to meet extremely rigid specifications. Fiberglass screen is noncombustible and will not rust, corrode or stain.Save



Cleaning your Phifer Solar Insect Screen.

  1. The metal products – clean with water only.
  2. The vinyl products – clean with a mild soapy solution
  3. Avoiding hard scrubbing.

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