A Basic Guide To Adding a Sunroom

A Basic Guide To Adding a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your Florida home is a wonderful way to add a functional space without a major renovation. Most homeowners use their sunrooms to enjoy their yards without needing to endure pesky insects, unwavering heat and noisy neighbors. If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom to your house, consider a few important factors before you finalize your plans.

Choose the Space
Although sunrooms usually aren’t large, you’ll need some space in your yard for the sunroom addition. Adding a sunroom will downsize the available space in your yard. Take a quick walk around your yard with a measuring tape and an assistant to see how much space you can spare for your new room.

Ideally, you want your sunroom to be in the sun for as many hours as possible. When selecting the spot for your sunroom, make sure that it won’t be overshadowed by tall trees, especially if the trees belong to a neighbor.

Weigh Your Privacy Needs
Although you can put up blinds and curtains in your sunroom to protect your privacy, blocking off your view defeats the purpose of a sunroom. If you’re not comfortable with being visible to nearby neighbors while using your sunroom, make sure that the location of your sunroom offers you enough distance so that you’ll feel comfortable using it.

Encourage Your Family to Use the Sunroom
When you’re thinking about building a sunroom, consider ways that you can encourage your family to use the new addition. If you and your family frequently spend time together outside or dine in the backyard, a sunroom can give you some of the benefits of being outside without the hassles of insects and wind.  Especially the way the weather changes in central Florida.

Invest in some comfortable seating and extra lighting to encourage the readers in your family to take their reading to the sunroom instead of the living room. Placing a ping pong table or another fun piece of equipment in the room can also invite your family to spend time in the new room. Depending on how large you want your sunroom, include a dining area so you and your family can occasionally enjoy your meals while basking in the sunsets of the day.

Determine the Budget for Professional Installation

Although it is possible to build your own sunroom, building a sunroom yourself requires a lot of work, including gathering your own materials and taking care of permits. The costs of hiring a professional team of installers far outweigh the benefit of saving a few buck to ensure a sunroom that will last for years.

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we have the experience needed to build a sunroom that your family will enjoy throughout the entire year. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to see what we can do for your Florida home.

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