6 ½ Questions To Ask When Hiring A Patio Contractor

6 ½ Questions To Ask When Hiring A Patio Contractor

A new patio…you’ve thought about it, determined the perfect placement and size now you are ready to start building. But first, you have to find and hire a patio contractor to construct your new dream space. Who do you trust?  We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when hiring a patio contractor designed specifically to protect homeowners. We hope you love the 1/2 question.

Adding a patio or renovating an existing patio is a major home project requiring careful planning, design work and careful installation in order to bring lasting value to your home and years of enjoyment for your family. Hiring an expert contractor, someone who listens to you, understands your needs, pays attention to every detail in workmanship and finishes the job within the quoted cost is not only what you want – it’s what you should expect. Make sure you choose a contractor who specializes in building patios and screen pool enclosures.

Choosing the wrong patio contractor can lead to delays, subpar work and even legal problems. A poorly built patio and screen enclosure can compromise your home’s structure, foundation, safety and long-term property value. Especially here in Central Florida where the weather and outdoor elements can be super-tough on outdoor patios.

As you begin to talk patio ideas and designs with your contractor, asking the right questions can go a long way towards ensuring a good build. Not only will the following questions help you identify who has the knowledge and experience to successfully take on the project, but they’ll also help you make a first impression as a savvy client with high expectations for the job. Plus you’ll be building a good working relationship with your contractor before they even start your patio.

Use These 6 ½ Questions When Talking With Patio Contractors

  1. As a contractor, are you licensed, bonded and insured? Having a license and insurance demonstrates a contractor’s credibility and knowledge. A license minimizes the risk of getting swindled on materials, construction and costs. Be sure to get the contractor’s license number.
  2. Do you specialize in building patios and screen enclosures? It’s important to know if they have good experience in the type of project they’ll be doing for you. Just because a contractor claims they can build it doesn’t mean they know and have the experience to build it right. Therefore, hire a contractor experienced in designing and building patios – it makes a major difference!
  3. Will you provide a set of plans and specifications when you bid on this job? If you’re asking several contractors for a bid, be certain each one is offering either the same or similar set of plans and specifications in order to have a clear picture on how each bid compares to another.
  4.  I want a detailed contract in place before any work begins. How quickly can you get one to me? A good contract will cover: costs, items being installed, warranty information (if applicable) and a set of plans being used to support the project specifications. Read the contract carefully before any work begins. The document should detail everything and outline agreed upon expectations. Once all of the details are settled upfront, there’s little room for surprises.
  5. How many staff members will work on my patio and during what hours?  Maybe you don’t want the workers showing up before 7 a.m. or still on your property after 6 p.m. Do you need to have the project finished by a specific date? Share that information with the contractor before you hire them. These are key factors that may determine whether or not a patio contractor is able to accept the job based on your guidelines.
  6. What are my responsibilities during the construction of my patio? You may have to move everything out of a room or an outside area so it can be paved, structural supports attached or enclosed. A work truck and team may need to be able to access your backyard and need the gates unlocked and/or your family pet moved inside to keep them safe and comfortable during the construction. Read a detailed list of preparing for your patio construction.

Now what about the half question? Didn’t we promise you 6 ½ questions to ask contractors in advance of hiring them? Here it is: Ask them to show off a little, or a lot, for you! Seriously. A patio contractor that does quality work and has good relationships with previous customers will have great pictures, samples and testimonials about their work.  See our patio designs and ideas.

We hope this list of questions has helped you learn more in-depth information about what to questions to ask a patio contractor.

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