5 Ways to Use Commercial Screen Enclosures for your Business

5 Ways to Use Commercial Screen Enclosures for your Business

Business owners are always looking for ways to add value to their business as well as their customers. Commercial screen enclosures are a smart way to generate consumer excitement, add visual appeal, expand your available space and increase your property’s value. We’ve compiled a list of the top ways companies use a commercial screen enclosure for their business.

Types of Screen Enclosures for Commercial Properties

Screening isn’t just for windows. Modern meshes come in a variety of colors and styles. They also offer advantages like increased durability, sun protection and enhanced privacy. Wrapping the open sides of apartment balconies or commercial patio covers in high-quality screen enclosures transforms these spaces into appealing retreats. Enclosing carports, porches and outdoor seating areas has a similar effect. The people using these areas can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. At the same time, the impact of common outdoor annoyances like bugs, wind-blown debris, unpredictable weather and unrelenting sun are muted.

Businesses that Benefit from Commercial Screen Enclosures

Commercial screen enclosures are an easy way to create more space and are far more affordable than traditional additions. It’s no wonder that virtually any type of business can find them useful:

  • Apartments, condos and rental units. Tenants tend to appreciate the added living space that screened-in balconies, decks and porches offer. Enclosing these spaces only increases their appeal since it can make them more useful and more enjoyable. Installing a balcony screen enclosure can make it easier to keep units full and justify higher rental fees.
  • Restaurants and bars. Patios have long been used by restaurants to expand their dining areas. In fact, these outdoor dining areas are often a major draw in good weather. Installing commercial restaurant patio enclosures around these spaces offers improved protection. Fighting off bugs or wind-blown debris is enough to make anyone lose their appetite. In a similar manner, sitting in strong sun or drizzling rain can make it hard to enjoy an alfresco meal. By deterring these nuisances, commercial restaurant screen enclosures make outdoor eating areas more attractive and more practical.
  • Resorts and hotels. Installing screen enclosures around porches, patios and pools offers guests more places to relax and unwind. By creating a separate seating area that is protected from the elements, guests can enjoy the outdoors even longer.
  • Offices. Screen enclosures can provide a pleasant space to meet with clients or offer a welcome change of scene for employees who need a break. They can also serve as informal conference rooms. The possibilities are endless.
  • Theme parks, zoos and amusement centers. Commercial patio enclosures can be an effective addition to theme parks, zoos and amusement centers. They provide a welcoming, shady space for visitors to linger and relax as they watch shows, view animals or exhibits, wait their turn for the rides, or enjoy a meal.

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