5 Construction Phases in Building a Patio Enclosure

5 Construction Phases in Building a Patio Enclosure

Do you dream about enhancing your outdoor living space with a custom screen enclosure? It’s fun to look at websites with screen enclosure ideas, but construction needs to begin at some point. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare your family and your property. At Dulando Screen & Awning, we’re happy to help you find tons of patio enclosure ideas and walk you through every step of your project. There are five phases of construction when it comes to building a patio enclosure.

1. Preconstruction
When you hire a reputable contractor to build a screen enclosure, the work begins before construction. After choosing your patio enclosure features that suit your needs and your budget, it’s time to deal with permitting and scheduling the project. In Florida, securing the necessary permits generally takes a month or two. However, if a building boom or the aftermath of a damaging event like a hurricane has the local building authorities hopping, it may take longer. The patio contractor can take over once the proper paperwork is in hand.

2. Site Preparation
In any type of construction, a solid foundation is vital. Site preparation lays the groundwork for that foundation. Your circumstances will dictate the details of this phase. If your new patio enclosure is not under a roof with an existing concrete slab, then we need to create the foundation.  If you’re starting fresh, it may involve removing plant materials, relocating utilities, excavating, leveling, and pouring concrete. In many cases, an existing patio can jump-start the process. However, if it’s in poor condition, you may need to tear it out and start from scratch. Site preparation typically requires a few days, but the duration of this phase depends on the nature and extent of the work needed.

3. Framing and Fabrication 

building a patio enclosure

During the framing and fabrication phase, your screened-in patio begins to take form. At Dulando, we normally tackle this portion of the project at our facility. Our expert patio installers prefabricate the aluminum structures needed for your new enclosure under controlled conditions. This lets us provide you with a first-rate product and speeds up the construction phase. Prefabrication minimizes the inevitable disruption involved in building a patio enclosure. It also saves you time and money.

4. Construction
During the construction phase, the framing, screen, and roofing materials are combined by skilled craftsmen to build the patio screen enclosure that you’ve been picturing. The size and complexity of the structure and your contractor’s skill and resources both affect the completion time. On average, this phase takes around five days. Because we prefabricate portions of the structure before arriving on-site, you’ll enjoy more rapid results with Dulando.

5. Finishing 

skylights for a patio enclosure

The right finishing touches can help make your new screen enclosure a more pleasant place to spend time. Common choices include installing features like electrical outlets, lighting, and ceiling fans. Remember that if you are interested in any of these features, you’ll need to notify your patio contractor before construction begins so they order the proper materials. Paver bricks or special trims may also be installed during this phase. When only a few items are on the list, the finishing phase may be completed quickly. More extensive lists may add a few days to the project’s timeline to coordinate the upgrades.

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we enjoy working with people to create custom screen enclosures that enrich their outdoor living spaces. We’re here to serve you if you want to build a patio enclosure. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to request a free consultation.

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