5 Benefits of Aluminum Awnings for a Patio and Windows

5 Benefits of Aluminum Awnings for a Patio and Windows

Aluminum awnings do more than protect you, your car and your home from direct sunlight; they also add to your home’s exterior design. These functional and stylish exterior accessories offer shade and act as an extension of your home. In addition, patio aluminum awnings look and function even better with a screen enclosure, providing a cozy place to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with pests and the weather.

Major Advantages of Patio Aluminum Awnings

1. Long-Lasting Durability
Aluminum does not tear, rip or shred under heavy winds and rain as fabric canvas does. It stays firmly in place thanks to supporting beams and braces, ensuring it does not buckle, bend or sway in adverse weather. Aluminum awnings also withstand immense heat and do not promote mold and mildew growth.  Our aluminum awnings have a wind rating of 130 -140 mph.

2. Extremely Low Maintenance
With long-lasting durability comes low maintenance thanks to the aluminum surface. Water drains easily from the awnings and takes dirt, leaves and debris with it. The smooth aluminum does not trap water against the awning, helping to prevent water damage and leaf buildup over time.

3. Cool Under the Sun
Aluminum awnings come with insulating layers, which absorb heat and promote cooler temperatures in the shade. They don’t just provide shade for patios but also for windows, offering the ideal solution for keeping heat and sunlight out of the home. With their insulating layers, aluminum awnings reduce heat gain by nearly 65 percent according to the U.S. Energy Department.

A lightly colored aluminum awning reflects sunlight even more and decreases solar heat gain by up to 77 percent on westward-facing windows. Awnings also need adequate ventilation to prevent trapped heat; therefore, they have strategically placed openings to vent hot air and keep the shaded area cool and dry.

4. Improved Design and Functionality
Aluminum awnings create an entirely new look for a home thanks in part to their array of colors, designs and styles. They create a new landing port for the driveway, a screened-in patio for outdoor gatherings and added shade for windows. Patio aluminum awnings come in different colors to complement the roof, brick or siding, and they provide added functionality with various attachments such as skylights and ceiling fans.

5. Totally Customizable
No matter the patio size, aluminum awnings can fit the area. From a patio area to a side driveway entrance, an installer can measure and install custom-fit awnings to match the space. Custom aluminum patio awnings enhance the home’s exterior while increasing its overall value. Not only do they promote shade and reduce heat buildup, but they also create curb appeal and add to the home’s aesthetic.

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The Many Benefits of Patio Aluminum Awnings

From their extreme durability to their energy efficiency, aluminum awnings for patios offer a variety of benefits for the home. They reduce heat buildup, require little maintenance and come in many colors and styles to fit any window and patio space. For added exterior styling and cooler temperatures beneath the sun, invest in a durable, custom-fit aluminum window and patio awning for your home.

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