3 Top Factors To Consider When Building A Sunroom

3 Top Factors To Consider When Building A Sunroom

Florida residents who live on the coast enjoy the unlimited sunshine and tropical breezes nearly year around. But sometimes, the summer heat can be stifling as well as the afternoon storms.  To extend your outdoor living experience, homeowners expand their living space by building a sunroom.

Below are three factors to consider when building a Florida sunroom: cost, functionality, and location.

  1. Sunroom Cost – Sunrooms, or glass porch enclosures, are a great home upgrade that allows the homeowner to spend more time in the beautiful Florida sunshine and enjoying their home’s landscape. When determining the cost of a sunroom, homeowners consider the size, types of windows, flooring and decorations.  Dulando has built sunrooms in Florida within all types of budget.  It’s important to talk to a design consultant to find out how many features are within your budget.   They should view the company’s gallery of past installations to ensure their past projects match your expectations for your upcoming coastal home improvement. Take your time to find the features that match your lifestyle and expectations of this project.
  1. Functionality – Planning the functionality of your Florida sunroom addition is important. Ensure the windows provide enough air flow and the sun pattern isn’t too glaring on your new sacred spot. Landscape adjustments and home repairs made need to be done to ensure this new addition is a perfect fit. Lastly, check the wiring of this new location. If it doesn’t exist or isn’t adequate, talk to your design consultant to install wiring so all of your electronic devices will work in this new space.  Think about traffic flow for the room and how you want to use your new sunroom.
  1. Location – Have you decided on where to place your sunroom addition? Create a checklist so you can ensure the location is optimal for your extended living space.   Make sure your furniture and accessories will fit in this new area. Last, check the exterior of your home to see if other factors may affect the sunroom installation location. These other factors may include landscape additions and removal, deck repairs, and the total number of hours the sun shines in this part of your backyard.

These are the top factors when building a Florida sunroom that we’ve seen with our customers.  Of course, there are many other factors.  Some of which are covered in a different article  “Things to Consider When Building a Sunroom.

As you continue your research in building a sunroom, make sure to check the experience and expertise of your Florida sunroom contractor to match the renovation expectations. Check out their design gallery and call on their references.  Dulando Screen and Awning will come to your home to discuss the different options and provide a free estimate.  Call us 407-862-6060 or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate!

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